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Updated on Aug 14, 2018. Posted on Feb 8, 2017

19 Products All HGTV Obsessives Need

The only TV channel you need.

1. The perfect mug for when you want to curl up on the couch with some coffee and watch 10 straight hours of Love It or List It.

Get yours from HlessCreations on Etsy, starting at $14.

2. The ultimate tool kit to help you fulfill all your Flip or Flop–influenced home renovation projects.

65 pieces, from screwdrivers to pliers and more.

Get it for $37.99 on Amazon.

3. A mug that loves shiplap more than Chip and Jo.

Get it from Hinzpirations on Etsy, starting at $15.

4. Or this ever-so-slightly crude ode to shiplap, if that's more your speed.

Get it from SweetSunshineShoppe on Etsy, starting at $16.

5. Some non-toxic cleaner for those granite countertops you've just got to have.

Get it on Amazon for $4.49.

6. A paint (and rust) stripping tool to make it easier to repaint your walls instead of insisting that you just can't live in a house with a forest green bathroom.


Get it on Amazon for $5.88.

7. This artwork that lets you display your identity loud and proud.

Get it on Society6 for $12.48.

8. A set of stickers for your favorite Fixer Upper fans.

Get a set from SukiandLala on Etsy for $1.99.

9. A floor restorer to bring your hardwood floors (because come on, who has carpet these days?) back to life.

Get it on Amazon for $19.95.

10. A doormat that's for the only guests who really matter.

Get it from ShopJosieB on Etsy, starting at $44.

11. A cheeky reminder about everyone's favorite splurge.

Get it from thedottedbow on Etsy, starting at $30.

12. Peel-and-stick metal tiles to give your backsplash a stainless steel upgrade that would make Jonathan and Drew proud.

Get them on Amazon for $49.15.

13. Or, a magnetic dishwasher cover to update the look of your appliances if you just can't stand to look at your old dishwasher anymore.

Get it on Amazon for $45.99.

14. This cool garden cultivator that will help give your home just the right amount of curb appeal.

Get it on Amazon for $21.86.

15. A mug for the most Waco-addicted among us.

Get one from SweetSunshineShoppe on Etsy, starting at $16.

16. A cover for your tub's overflow drain that allows you to have the most luxurious bath of your life, even if you don't have a coveted jetted tub in your master bathroom.

Who really needs that jetted tub when you can have this?

Get yours on Amazon for $19.48.

17. A window film that gives the illusion of frosted glass, for that extra bit of privacy when you realize just how open your open floor plan really is.

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

18. An organizer that doubles the size of your closet, so you can have enough clothing for a walk-in no matter how big your closet actually is.

Get one from Amazon for $7.96.

19. And a hoodie that really says it all.

Get it from Cafepress for $55.99.

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