17 Situations That All People Who Hate Confrontation Have Dealt With

*Someone else bumps into me* *Apologizes profusely even though it wasn’t my fault*

1. When the waiter brings you water with lemon even though you’d asked for it without lemon, but you just drink it regardless.

Well, I guess a little citrus can’t hurt :/

2. Or when the waiter brings you a diet soda instead of regular, but you drink it all anyway.

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3. When your roommates leave their dishes lying around so you just wash them all.

4. (To be honest, you’ll do any household chores rather than have a big argument about it.)

5. When someone bumps into you but you apologize anyway.

New Line Cinema / Via lifeteen.com

6. When your boss says you need to talk and you automatically freak out.

20th Century Fox / Via elitedaily.com

7. When you’re given the wrong size popcorn at the movies but you just take it and walk away.

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8. If your food comes out slightly undercooked, you just eat it instead of sending it back.

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9. When someone is standing in front of the thing you need at the grocery store, so you just stand awkwardly and wait for them to move.

Cartoon Network / Via cheezburger.com

10. Those times you aren’t sure if there’s a line or if people are just in a big cluster, so you just kind of stand there hoping it works itself out.

United Artists / Via giphy.com

11. Trying on clothes at the store, and they don’t fit properly but you don’t want to have to ask the salesperson to bring you another size.

Columbia Pictures / Via kikinitinkorea.tumblr.com

12. When you have to call to cancel an appointment.

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13. Getting on the subway, you just let everyone else push and shove for the good spots even though you wish you had a seat.

NBC / Via youtube.com

14. When the barista pronounces your name incorrectly but you’re too nervous to correct them.

Sure, I’m…Anus?

15. If you want to complain on social media, you try to be as vague as possible so no one could possibly be personally offended.

Fox / Via giphy.com

All your tweets are subtweets, basically.

16. When the food delivery person screws up your order, but you just eat what they brought you instead of calling the restaurant about it.

17. When someone cuts you in line but the only reaction you can muster is a disgusted glance off to the side.

I would say something, but…actually, no, I would never say something.

Basically, this is your life.

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