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Please Help Me Decide Which Of These Things To Buy On Amazon

I have a bunch of random things I keep meaning to buy on Amazon. Please help me choose which ones to get.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm not a great shopper. There's plenty of stuff I want to buy, but I never really get past the initial "oh, I should get the thing" stage and into the "here is the specific version of the thing I will get" stage. Oops.

That's why I need your help actually making decisions about some items I've been thinking about getting for a while. Think you can help?

1. Ok, first I need to get a toothbrush holder, because the one I've got now has gotten a bit rusted over the years. I've picked out a few options, but I don't know which to go with.

This elephant holder with a trunk that helps drain excess water.

This more ~basic~ stand that gets the job done with no frills.

Or this covered organizer that has space for a tube of toothpaste.

2. Next, I need help picking a bath mat to replace one that's gone way too long without cleaning and is now beyond saving. Which should I go with?

This microfiber shag mat that kind of looks like the tentacles on a sea anemone.

This memory foam mat to cushion your feet while keeping the floor dry.

Or this patterned mat, which comes in a set of two!

3. Next: I've gone too long without a rug in my bedroom. I like these three, but I'm not sure which would be best. What do you think?

This gray rug with a trellis design that's not too showy but adds a bit of visual interest.

This abstract rug that mixes shades of white, black, and gray.

Or this floral-patterned rug that is only mostly gray, but has an added pop of red.

4. Ok, as long as we're talking about my bedroom, I could really use a humidifier in there to help prevent dry skin during the New York winters. Which should I go with?

This color-changing humidifier that could be a good way to balance out the gray of my new rug.

This wood-grain humidifier called the "Zen Breeze," which honestly sounds pretty nice.

Or this dark wood humidifier that looks like a flower vase, except steam comes out of the top instead of flowers.

5. The soap dispenser in my bathroom is starting to look a little gross. There's some green stuff on parts of it. Idk what it is, but I should probably get a new one just in case. Which one should I go with?

This clear glass dispenser that comes in packs of two so I already have another one at the ready when I inevitably ruin the first one.

This ceramic dispenser, which actually looks pretty similar to the one I have now.

Or this bronze dispenser that's stylish, but seems a little narrower than the others. But then again, that could save space.

6. Lastly, I keep thinking I should try tooth whitening. Naturally I can't afford the crazy version the dentist performs, but I could try an at-home option. Which, though?

This charcoal powder that one of my colleagues recommended one time, even though it weirds me out a bit to think of actually putting it on my teeth.

Or some reliable old Crest Whitestrips, which everyone and their mother has tried before (and yet I've never used!).

Ok, shopping completed! I really appreciate all your help!