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    17 People Who Made Hilariously Terrible Analogies

    Figurative language is not their strong suit.

    1. The person who needs to stop breaking snow globes.

    2. The person who really just wants an excuse to show up on his kindergarten teacher's doorstep.

    3. The person who somehow managed to make cake seem unappetizing.

    4. The person who needs to pay more attention when she goes shopping with her family.

    5. The person who needs to work on their running technique.

    6. The person who is wildly overstating how bad current society is.

    7. The guy who really prefers golden retrievers.

    8. The person who just wants to see a dog try to blow bubbles.

    9. The person who is not actually a person, but a banana.

    When you see me, think of this picture. I might look annoyed, but I'm still a sweet banana on the inside #badanalogy

    10. The person who loves taking showers.

    11. The fortune cookie writer who is actually just trying to help the restaurant sell more vegetarian salads.

    12. The person who clearly needs to jerk off because he's not getting any girls with that attitude.

    13. The person who has been tarred and feathered for the last time.

    14. The toilet paper company employee who must have a uniquely rock hard bottom.

    15. The aspiring model who apparently knows what Chihuahuas really want.

    Me wanting to be on ANTM is like a Chihuahua wanting to be a Lab - it's too short and wouldn't enjoy being that big anyways. #badanalogy

    16. The person who has clearly seen way too many dog boners.

    It's so hot outside my face is as red as a dogs boner when it comes out! #waitwhat #Unasty #weirdanalogy

    17. And the person who should just stay away from new mothers if that's how he feels about them.

    Let's leave the analogies alone, guys.