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The 24 Worst Kinds Of People In The World

OK, fine, some people are all right. But there's a lot to hate about most of them.

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1. People who walk extremely slowly on the sidewalk right in front of you.

20th Century Fox / Via

2. People who are in front of you on the stairs, going soooo slowly, and they just. won't. speed. up.

Fox / Via

3. People with a ton of stuff in their cart who sneak into line just before you at the grocery store checkout.

Pax / Via

4. Friends who guilt you into doing them a really tedious favor.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation / Via

5. Able-bodied people who get on your elevator and take it one floor instead of just taking the stairs.

FilmDistrict / Via

6. Anyone who knowingly cuts in line.

NBC / Via

Did you not learn this lesson in elementary school?

7. The person in front of you who has decided to drive five miles an hour UNDER the speed limit.

8. People who eat so loudly that you can't focus on anything but their incessant chewing.

ITV / Via


9. The person in front of you at the ATM who can't figure out how to use the machine, and you're just trying to get some quick cash.

10. People who try to push their way into the subway before letting everyone else out.

NBC / Via

11. Or people who take up an entire train pole that other people could be using.

12. OR people who spread their legs way wider than necessary and end up taking up more than one seat.

Basically, people suck when they use public transit.

Basically, people suck when they use public transit.

13. People who save seats at the movies and force you to decide between the worst possible seat options left in the theater. / Via

And then the person they saved the seat for doesn't even show up on time :(

14. People who literally don't even try at parking.

WTF, man.
Flickr: greenthumbs / Creative Commons

WTF, man.

15. Anyone who goes to the bathroom and doesn't wash their hands on the way out.

Universal Pictures / Via

16. People who turn their music up so loud that you can hear it through their headphones, whether you want to or not.

17. Or worse, someone who intentionally blares their music without even trying to use headphones.

NBC / Via

18. Neighbors who always seem to make the most noise when you're trying to sleep.

Oxygen / Via

19. Those strangers who are always trying to read over your shoulder in public.

Flickr: dlytle / Creative Commons

20. That one person who doesn't realize that "Any more questions?" is a signal that things are wrapping up and actually asks a question.

Bravo / Via

21. People who decide that the middle of the street, or in a crowded restaurant, or really anywhere in public, is the best place to have an extremely loud private conversation.

22. And people who don't understand personal space and will basically shove themselves against you at concerts, in lines, etc.

Fox / Via


23. Little kids. Because look at them. / Via

Get it together, youths.


Netflix / Via

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