New York’s Most Expensive Apartment Is Worth More Than Most Private Islands

And other facts that prove how out of control real estate is getting.

1. This is The Residence at River House.

2. And at $130 million, it is currently the most expensive apartment on the market in all of New York.

The specs are pretty insane: over 62,000 square feet of living space, including a swimming pool, tennis court, full spa, and entire bedroom level that comes in at over 15,000 square feet on its own.

3. Here’s a casual sitting room that happens to be ABSOLUTELY HUMONGOUS.

4. And this library is bigger than most people’s entire apartment.

5. In comparison, this is Necker Island. Currently owned by Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, it’s valued around $100 million.

That’s $30 million less than The Residence at River House.

6. This is D’Arros Island, located in the Seychelles. Its worth is estimated at $94 million.

7. And here’s Hans Lollik Island, part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, valued at $45 million.

What a bargain!

8. Want to know what else you could buy in place of The Residence?

9. Almost 326,000 of the new iPhones so you can stay connected with your friends when you (inevitably) get lost in your 62,000-square-foot megamansion.

At the price of $399 for 64 GB.

10. 217,000 of Ikea’s Folldal beds to furnish your new place.

At the bargain price of $599 a pop.

11. How about just under 15,000 of these dining tables for those big dinner parties you’ll be throwing?

This Eero Saarinen-designed tulip table comes in at $8,671.

12. You could pick up an original copy of “The Scream.”

Edvard Munch / Via

Sold for $120 million.

13. Or you could drink over 30 million grande lattes from Starbucks, to give you the energy you’ll need to walk around the entire apartment.

Each one costs $4.30. And that’s before add-ons.

14. Want a fancier drink? Get 72 bottles of the world’s most expensive champagne, which comes with AN ACTUAL DIAMOND.

One bottle of Taste of Diamonds will set you back $1.8 million. But be sure not to actually consume the diamond.

15. Or maybe you’d rather live in a castle — you could buy this one 25 times over.

Seriously, castles are a bargain compared to NYC real estate.

16. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the average home price for the entire United States? Just over $162,000.

Meaning that you could buy 802 homes for the same amount of money that you’d be spending on The Residence at River House.

17. Conclusion: Real estate is getting out of hand.

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