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Posted on Dec 3, 2014

The 21 Most Unfortunate Spelling And Grammar Fails Of 2014

Remember to proofread in 2015, everyone.

1. The policy to follow when genitals go missing.

2. Brian and Brittney should get lunch together sometime.

3. So that's how you really feel about him, huh, Tom?

4. "Yeah, I went to the doctor. He prescribed eating more diarrhea."

5. I prefer apple fats, personally.

6. How cold is this guy's ass?

KCTV / Via

7. Roman numerals aren't as nutritious as some other numeral systems, unfortunately.

These Roman Numerals bouta be good af 😋

8. TBH, you will have a loaded bowel afterward.

9. But what about the other four?

10. This kid must have inadvertently mixed up Toy Story and American Pie.

Either that or he watched a very different version of the film.

11. This church sign answered its own question.

Spelling and grammar — not God's strong point.

12. "Life" is what results after the person comes into you.

13. This news report turned a duck festival into so much more.

14. So, like...child supermodels?

15. How does your Brad taste?

16. Jell-O affects everyone's digestive system differently.

17. The "e" and the "y" aren't that close together, are they?

18. Not just part cock. All cock.

19. Well this LGBT event took an unexpected turn...

20. I should see them do what now?

21. And, of course, the great Penile-Vaginal War of 2014. Never forget.

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