22 Indications That Your Competitiveness Is Out Of Control

“Relax, it’s not a competition.” FALSE. Everything is a competition.

1. As a competitive person, you know that NOTHING is off limits when it comes to competing.

2. Inanimate objects? COMPETITION.

3. And mundane errands like grocery shopping have taken on a life of their own.

Al Howard Productions / Via youtube.com

Be careful not to bump into anyone while you’re careening through the store.

4. You certainly don’t mess around at the gym.

You’re not above “racing” the people around you.

5. You’ve braved the wilds of ~internet commenting~ to prove that you’re better than everyone else.

6. Just because your favorite competition isn’t common doesn’t mean you don’t totally own it.

7. Even though it might not be the safest, you’ve gone over the speed limit just to prove the GPS wrong.

8. Let’s be real, you’ve been known to put aside safety in tons of situations to make sure you are the best/fastest/strongest.

“Higher, baby! Daddy needs to win!”

9. You’re always looking to one-up your friends.

10. And your siblings.

11. So you make sure to get in a subtle jab at your competition whenever possible.

Hmm, the middle one is the only one sticking up…

12. Though sometimes you just drop the subtlety altogether.

NBC / Via giphy.com

13. You’ve got a patented “crazy face” for when things start to get serious.

14. And people sometimes misinterpret your cockiness for meanness.

Although if being mean is what it takes to win…

15. But you don’t mind what people think, because above all else, failure is not an option.

16. You’re not above…expressing…your emotions when things aren’t going your way.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via lovealloverdaplace.tumblr.com

17. Losing at a board game? Better destroy the table.

The rage increases by approximately 10000000000% if you’re playing Monopoly.

18. On occasion, you’ve taken your threats a little too far.

19. If you think you might lose, you’re not above a little sabotage.

There’s no such thing as a “friendly game.”

20. And you consider the rules to be…malleable…when you need them to be.

21. Because even though you might seem out of control to other people…

22. You know that there’s no feeling like winning.

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