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    23 Times Bill Nye Completely Owned Television

    Science rules.

    1. When he appeared out of thin air because obviously Bill Nye can pull this shit off.

    2. The time he wandered through a grocery store in full scuba gear because he doesn't give a fuck about your judgment.

    3. When he rocked this badass wig.

    4. When he got behind the piano to play his haters out of the room.

    5. When the science was just so good, he didn't care what it looked like. 🍆

    6. When he was supposedly giving safety tips but was really warning his haters not to mess with him.

    7. The time he powered through this vortex thing in the service of bringing you hot science content.

    8. When he rocked the slickest shades of all time.

    9. When he led entire dance and cheerleading teams in praise of knowledge.

    10. When he basically nailed his audition for the live-action Tarzan.

    11. Any time he asked you to "consider the following."

    12. When he wouldn't let a little cliff keep him from taking a nice dip in the water.

    13. When he put on his fanciest costume in order to spend the day chilling on a faux lily pad.

    14. When he displayed these sweet juggling abilities.

    15. When Bill showed off his unique taste in automobiles.

    16. When he stuck his tongue out and wagged it at all the naysayers.

    17. When haters told him he was just blowing smoke and he was like, "Damn right, motherfuckers."

    18. When this dinosaur came back to life and was like, "You know the one human being I should go see? Bill."

    19. When he started cutting this huge wheel of cheese and you just know it was for the rager he was throwing later.

    20. And then he busted out a chainsaw to slice some bread to go along with it, obviously.

    21. When he got to play in a ball pit in the name of science and literally everyone was jealous.

    22. When he chowed down on this Twinkie because Bill eats whatever Bill wants.

    23. And when he shredded on this guitar because OBVIOUSLY Bill Nye is a guitar-playing badass.

    Bill Nye forever.