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The 21 Most Accurate Tumblr Posts About Being A Twentysomething

It's the best of times, it's the worst of times...

1. This accurate description of friendship.

2. When you notice old classmates starting to have babies.

3. What is this "career" you speak of?

4. When you're sooo close to having your shit together.

5. And you think you can handle this "adult" thing.

6. Trying to figure out how to budget.

7. The peril of trying to make friends as an adult.

8. This truth about all of your material possessions.

9. This reminder about all those student loans you still owe.

10. Looking for a job right out of school.

11. This reminder that children can be great resources.

12. Seeing people get married.

13. This list of priorities for all singles.

14. This truthful song parody.

15. Learning that all those TV shows have been lies.

16. Starting to learn which things you really need in life.

17. Preparing yourself each morning for another day of twentysomething-ness.

18. Getting all of the essentials from the store.

19. When you try to have a big night out.

20. This wish.

21. And this truth about how to really grow as a person during this stage of life.

Stay focused — you can do it!