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The Truth About Adulthood, As Told By Tumblr

Adulting is hard.

As a child, you've got a lot of expectations about how adulthood will look — many of them wildly incorrect.

There's a lot of stuff you need to learn, like how to respond in the different social situations you begin to encounter.

And you don't always know the most mature way to handle problems that arise.

As you move through adolescence, you'll probably deal with some ~angst~ about it all.

And then you reach what feels like true adulthood and realize you have no idea how to deal with it.

Suddenly, life feels like an endless highway of choices spread out in front of you.

Now that you're out of your parents house, you can eat whatever the hell you want.

And you have a whole world of romantic possibilities out there that you need to contend with.

It can be a big shock when you first start paying bills on your own.

And gaining control of your finances can seem totally impossible.

You're still holding onto some of your loves from adolescence, even as you pretend to be the most adult-y adult who has ever lived.

Sometimes it all begins to feel too overwhelming to handle.

So you turn to your good friend procrastination to keep away the scariest parts of adult life.

You wonder how the people who came before you ever did it.

But you still want them to think that you've got adulthood all under control without needing their experienced help.

So you occasionally find yourself fighting your desires in order to prove that you've got one of those fancy adult senses of practicality.

And pretending that everything is 100% under control, even when it's not.

But at some point, you realize that adulthood is something that you need to construct your own version of.

And you start to recognize the value of engaging in some self-love.

You start to find your groove with the people around you.

And although there are some parts of your journey to adulthood that will follow you WAY longer than you'd like.

And it often feels like you're dealing with the same problems over and over.

At some point, you stop giving a fuck if people judge you for leading the adult life you want to lead.

Because what's most important is learning that even as you grow older, you never have to grow up.