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    24 Unfortunate Situations That Happen When You're Out Of Shape

    My body is definitely not ready.

    1. Carrying groceries back to your house becomes a super challenging workout.

    2. You're better at hitting someone else (or yourself) with a bat or racket than you are at actually hitting the ball.

    3. Whenever you attempt to play a sport, you might as well have gotten drunk beforehand.

    4. People always ask if you ran somewhere because when you arrive, you're inevitably out of breath.

    5. You're pretty sure everyone at the gym is judging you.

    6. Although that might be because you don't actually really know how to use any of the equipment.

    7. Your lack of hand-eye coordination can lead to some uncomfortable moments.

    8. Seriously, you don't even have the coordination to play catch.

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    9. Lifting weights? LOL nope.

    10. Even just climbing stairs can be a big ask.

    11. A long walk can make your muscles so sore, you can barely move afterwards.

    Or a short walk, even.

    12. That is, if you don't get cramps halfway through.

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    13. You try to avoid moving apartments as much as humanly possibly because picking up all those boxes HURTS.

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    14. Your favorite thing about athletics? "Water break".

    15. Everyone seems to have advice about how you can get in shape more easily, but none of it seems to work.

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    16. All of your friends are signing up for 10Ks. Meanwhile, you can barely run a mile.

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    17. You tried playing beach volleyball once. Now you just stick to reading on your towel.

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    18. The only arena in which your athletic feats are successful is in video games.

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    19. Good aim? Yeah, not something you've got.

    20. You always have to leave parties early because too much dancing makes your body feel like it's going to pass out.

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    21. You've spent an insane amount of money on public transit because walking places is out of the question.

    22. Certain...recreational...activities become basically impossible.

    23. After trying to take part in intramural sports at work, your joints feel like they have all decided to abandon you.

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    24. And even just bending over to tie or untie your shoes becomes impossible.

    25. For every 30 minutes you work out, you need at least an hour in bed to recover.

    26. Attending a professional sporting event just makes you sad because it reminds you of all the things you can't do.

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    But, hey — with a little hard work, you can get there someday.

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