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    19 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Take More Naps

    If science says so, I guess I HAVE to go take a nap.

    1. Napping is more useful than coffee for getting over your midday slump.

    2. Just anticipating a nap can actually help lower your blood pressure.

    3. Short naps aid in your ability to retain information.

    4. Most other mammals nap a ton, so you should, too.

    5. Napping for 20-30 minutes in the afternoon increases your alertness.

    6. An hour-long nap aids in cognitive memory processing.

    7. Napping helps to boost your creativity.

    8. Because when you lie down, you fall asleep much faster than if you try to stay upright.

    9. You don't even need to nap for a long time to experience the benefits.

    10. When combined with moderate exercise, napping has been shown to improve mental health.

    11. These futuristic nap pods are not only awesome, but beneficial to your work environment.

    12. Napping decreases your risk of heart problems.

    13. Napping can be traced back to ancient cultures like the Romans AKA if you nap, you're basically the same as a Roman emperor.

    14. Napping is a beautifully cross-generational phenonmenon.

    15. Naps help you recover from stressful situations.

    16. Influential people from Thomas Edison to Ronald Reagan have been documented as nappers.

    17. If you get good enough, there's an actual Siesta Championship that you can compete in.

    18. You don't have to deal with other people annoying you.

    19. And because naps are just awesome. Period.