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    23 Experiences That Make You Proud To Be A Homebody

    Homebodies, assemble! But, like, online or something so we can all stay in bed.

    According to all the judgmental party people, though, it just means you're weird – and you've started to believe them.

    But no more, because henceforth, "homebody" is no longer an insult.

    1. Being a homebody means you've got tons of time to perfect your hobbies, like baking delicious brownies.

    2. Or maybe you're at home creating sartorial masterpieces.

    3. Can you enjoy the pleasures of a good book out at the club? NO, I THINK NOT.

    4. And you know better than anyone else how to perfectly time your food delivery to come just when your Netflix episode is ending.

    5. Even if your hobby is just napping, you've turned it into an artform.

    6. Plus, being a homebody means you get the benefit of NOT HAVING TO WEAR REAL CLOTHES while you do all that.

    7. So you can rock your favorite, most comfortable pair of pajamas whenever you want.

    8. You also appreciate your furniture more than anybody else does.

    9. And you don't care if anyone judges you for never wanting to get up.

    10. And you've got a strong sense of self that never wavers when people threaten your homebody-ness.

    11. That's because, as a homebody, you've got a better grasp on your finances and health than anyone else.

    12. If you do need to leave the house, you're savvy enough to get something good out of it.

    13. And when your friends get tired, they turn to you for advice on how to end the night.

    14. Because they know you're the best person to go to when their big night out doesn't turn out as planned.

    15. Home is where you can get french fry crumbs all over your blankets and not feel guilty about it.

    16. Home is where you can sit in the bath until your skin is more wrinkled than a Shar Pei.

    17. Home is where you can marathon the entire Matrix trilogy in one night JUST BECAUSE.

    18. So come on - you're strong enough to speak the truth without fear of retribution.

    19. It's time to get nice and comfortable.

    Dress for the job you want, not the one you have, so I want to be a...homebody?

    kristiana r


    Dress for the job you want, not the one you have, so I want to be a...homebody?

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    20. And do what you really want to do.

    21. Because the Homebody Mantra is real and beautiful.

    22. And, even if you like to stay home by yourself, as a homebody you are never alone.

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    23. So you know what? Someday, those party animals will wish that they were you.