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38 Examples Of Why We Need To Be More Careful With Grammar In 2014

Because there's a big difference between "Come on everyone" and "Come on, everyone."

1. When this apostrophe disproved the tattoo it is part of.

2. When this person had a really intense bowel movement.

3. When this guy shared a little too much about his love life.

4. This small correction.

5. When we learned that trailers share some similarities with human anatomy.

6. The time Tumblr got a little too personal for some users.

7. When this student couldn't get into his first choice of classes.

8. The time the importance of periods was emphasized.

9. When Cody made a helpful correction.

10. When this person was ready for murder.

11. When this food truck became the #1 choice for cannibals.

12. Unless they decided to have a home-cooked meal.

13. When Wagon advertised his employee's services.

14. The time Anu just wanted to help people learn English.

15. When this person revealed their crimes.

16. The time the grammar police were called.

17. When this church wasn't entirely sold on that Jesus fellow.

18. When we all learned to be more careful talking about our uncle Jack.

19. When this person needed more than pills to feel better.

20. This wedding announcement.

21. When the University of Michigan proved why it can't crack the top ten.

22. When someone named Noone gained this lady's trust.

23. When Justin started talking about his sex life.

24. When someone had this brilliant idea for homecoming.

25. When Ashley had an expensive backside.

26. When we learned that grammar is important in any language.

27. When we learned even Google can't be trusted.

28. When this person had some early morning plans.

29. The time we were all left wondering how woman bacon tastes.

30. This risqué prelude to Words With Friends.

31. When this person discussed Paula Deen's true problem.

32. When this person put their thermometer somewhere they shouldn't have.

33. When this ladder found true love.

34. When Belinda made some uncomfortable remarks about her brothers.

35. And when this person made a similar mistake.

36. When this educational report was less than educational.

37. When there was at the office.

38. And this.