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    21 Frustrating Things All Punctual People Must Deal With

    Not always there when you call, but ALWAYS on time.

    1. Arriving somewhere at the appointed time, only to find that no one else has actually shown up yet.

    2. And then having to sit there and fiddle with your phone to pass the time.

    3. Wondering if you should maybe go for a walk to pass the time, or if you should just stay where you are.

    4. When the weather is bad and you're stuck waiting outside, standing there, getting soaked through.

    5. When you go out to dinner, but can't get any food until the rest of your group shows up.

    6. People who tell you they're "on their way" when THEY CLEARLY AREN'T.

    7. Being the very first person to arrive at a party and having NO IDEA what to do with yourself.

    8. And feeling super awkward until the people you know finally arrive.

    9. Listening to everyone else's bullshit excuses for why they are so late.

    10. Worrying that you must have accidentally told your date the wrong time when they aren't there right away.

    11. When you are traveling with people who are always late and freak out that they will make you miss your flight.

    12. Getting to a job interview so early that you end up sitting there and getting more nervous while you wait.

    13. Sitting through all the trailers at the movies because you are too afraid you might miss something if you show up even a little late.

    14. When the subway/bus schedule is juuuust off, so you end up having to wait ten minutes for the next one even though you showed up at the right time.

    15. Or when you get stuck behind the SLOWEST. DRIVER. EVER.

    16. Getting caught behind the slowest walker ever without any room to pass them.

    17. Friends who get annoyed with you when you ask them for a time update.

    18. When your boss is late to a meeting and you think about all the work you could have finished while you were waiting.

    19. Waking up extra early just to be totally sure you get somewhere on time, but then being tired when you get there.

    20. When the ~elements~ decide to be uncooperative and your schedule gets screwed up because you need to shovel or something.

    21. And then, the one time you're late, everyone FREAKS OUT on you.