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34 People Who Managed To Screw Up Their One Job

Seriously, guys?

1. The restaurant worker who was supposed to alert everyone to the lack of Coke in the machine.

2. The person who completely forgot what cucumbers actually look like.

3. The hiring manager at this McDonald's.

4. And whoever designed this McDonald's billboard for the town of Yass.

5. The person in charge of writing a summary for this TV show.

6. This Pokémon-ster.

7. The person responsible for placing this floor tile.

8. The person who literally couldn't even make A STRAIGHT LINE.

9. Whoever thought that right behind the handle was the perfect place for a lock.

10. The person in charge of stocking the fruit today.

11. The person who literally just had to find the address of one website and couldn't even manage that.

12. The person who was supposed to make sure that all the lights stay on.

13. Whoever can't seem to distinguish between the color yellow and the color green.

14. The architect who found the perfect place for that one last pipe.

15. The person in charge of labeling the Pop-Tarts...

16. ...who still did better than this person.

17. The architect who forgot about the whole "needing to be able to actually get out onto the balcony" thing.

18. The person who designed this women's bathroom and didn't see the problem.

19. The person who forgot to put a space in between words.

20. The culinary genius who thinks this is a ladle.

21. The calendar designer who clearly never learned that rhyme about how many days each month has.

22. The architect who thought the stairs on the right would be much more convenient for those in wheelchairs than the ones on the left.

23. The person who installed this faucet a little too far away from the sink.

24. The T-shirt designer who apparently hasn't looked at a map in a while.

25. The contractor who forgot that fan blades need to be able to rotate.

26. Whoever installed this soap dispenser waaay too close to the counter.

27. The person who had been tasked with putting together this pie chart.

28. The architect who forgot to leave enough space for this window.

29. Whoever thought that glass would be the best material for a bathroom door.

30. And the designer who must be their partner.

31. The designer of this anti-smoking campaign who forgot they were designing for a school bus.

32. Whoever was tasked with naming this clothing store.

33. The person who forgot how Braille works.

34. And the person who designed this penis with a mustache.