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    • adamc35

      Wow, forastart, if anyone is being tyrannical it would be you. Believe asido or die! How very Christian of you.
      Yes we do understand that evolution does not explain how we all started, but then neither does saying god did it. Saying god did it bring up more questions such as where did god come from? And if you express disbelief in something so simple asasingle cell organism just ‘popping’ into existence, how can you explain something so complex asagod just coming into being? My next question would have to be if we are of intelligent design, how come the human body is so flawed? Your appendix, an organ we have no need for can kill you. Teeth, so important in the consumption of food are so easily ruined and do not repair themselves as most other parts of you do. Your susceptibility to disses. There are loads of things that make no sense when looked at froma(not so) intelligent design point of view, but do when looked at from the point of evolution.
      These are but2questions brought up if you subscribe to the creationist doctrine, there are more. MayIsuggest using the Internet for its intended use of information sharing instead of what you currently use it for, making silly, contradicting statmens (saying you don’t believe in evolution, then saying all evolutionists will die out because of evolution.) about things you do not seem to understand, and looking up porn.

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