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The Best Worst Moment In Oscar History

The Oscars tried to get cool and groovy in 1969, and nothing has ever equaled it since. (No, not even Rob Lowe and Snow White.)

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At the 41st Academy Awards, held on April 14, 1969, Jane Fonda participated in the best — or worst, or best worst — presentation of a category the Oscars have ever seen.

AMPAS / Via oscars.org

Joined by "[her] friends, the Soul Rascals," Fonda announced to the audience at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion that she would be presenting the nominees for Best Costume Design. And goodness, did she ever.

First, Fonda presented the "Jazz-age work clothes" from the film Star!, and that's when models emerged wearing the costumes — and getting their serious groove on.

This performance was set to the song "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy." Indeed!

The craziest moment, however, came after Fonda announced Romeo & Juliet was the winner, and "symbolically" presented the Oscar to the dancers wearing the film's costumes.

AMPAS / Via oscars.org

The actual winner of the Oscar, Danilo Donati, didn't even get to come up on stage.

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