11 Perfect Jason Sudeikis “Saturday Night Live” Characters

After eight years as an SNL cast member, Sudeikis finally confirmed he’s leaving the show. Here are some of his best moments.

1. The Phantom of the Opera

Often, Sudeikis played the show’s “regular” guy amid an ensemble of kookier characters — even when he was wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask. Nobody did it better.

2. Pete Twinkle

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This series of female sports sketches were really just a vehicle for Sudeikis to deliver an increasingly ribald series of slogans about various lady products.

(Bonus Will Forte alert!)

3. Just Friends Booty Shorts Model

This may be controversial, but I think Sudeikis has the better butt here.

4. Young Chuck Norris Singer

Andy Samberg may be playing Young Chuck Norris, but this is all about the commitment Sudeikis brings to belting the line, “Young Chuck Norris! This is a tribute to thee! Live on brave warrior — into e-TER-na-TEEEEEEEEE!”

5. The Devil

I just loved the louche glee Sudeikis brings to playing the devil. “You just got damned! Woo!”

6. Jesus, Football Fan

Sudeikis basically played Jesus the same way he played the Devil — as an affable dude who can’t stand people who take themselves too seriously. Kinda weird it worked both ways.

7. Wannabe NASA Astronaut and Potato Chip Enthusiast

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Filthy chip stealer.

(More bonus Will Forte!)

8. Urigro Spokesman

Who else could credibly pull off the line “thick, ropy jets of urine”? NO ONE ELSE.

9. One of the Two A-Holes

The character that first put Sudeikis and Kristen Wiig on the map at SNL demonstrated two of his best strengths: A deadpan commitment to his character, and setting up other actors to shine (in this case, Wiig).

10. Member of Bon Jovi Opposite Band Jon Bovi

Bonus Will Forte trifecta!

11. Vice President Joe Biden

No one at SNL has been able to figure out how squeeze comedy out of a Barack Obama impression the same way George W. Bush and Bill Clinton provided years of material. Instead, the clutch impersonation of the Obama administration has been Sudeikis’ Joe Biden. (It was definitely stronger than his Mitt Romney.) It’s a perfect match of subject and actor, really. I’m not quite sure how SNL will be able to find a better one.

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