How Much Of A Film Nerd Are You?

Or: Do you know the difference between Paul Thomas Anderson and Paul W.S. Anderson?

  1. Have you ever…
    1. Made your own top 10 movies of the year list?
    2. …and emailed it to friends?
    3. …and emailed it to friends for more than five years?
    4. Seen all the year’s Best Picture nominees before the Oscars?
    5. …before the nominations were announced?
    6. Seen ALL the year’s feature-length Oscar nominees before the ceremony?
    7. …before the nominations were announced?
    8. Seen all the Best Picture winners?
    9. Seen all the Best Picture nominees?
    10. Argued with your friends about why the Oscars always get it wrong?
    11. Owned a DVD and/or Blu-ray from the Criterion Collection?
    12. Owned more than five DVDs/Blu-rays from the Criterion Collection?
    13. Owned more than 10 DVDs/Blu-rays from the Criterion Collection?
    14. Searched on eBay for an out-of-print copy of a film?
    15. Spent more than $30 to obtain an out-of-print copy of a film?
    16. …more than $60?
    17. …more than $100?
    18. …more than $500?
    19. Owned a laserdisc player?
    20. Owned a film projector?
    21. Owned a commercially released feature film on celluloid?
    22. Owned several commercially released feature films on celluloid?
    23. Checked out friends’ movie collections when you visit their home for the first time?
    24. Gotten annoyed when you discover they own a film that you haven’t seen?
    25. Waited in line to see a movie on opening weekend?
    26. …on opening night?
    27. …on the first midnight showing?
    28. Waited in line for more than 24 hours to see a movie?
    29. Seen a classic movie at a revival house?
    30. Planned your weekend around a revival house’s schedule?
    31. Been a regular dues-paying member of a revival house film club?
    32. Started a revival house film club?
    33. Wished movie theaters brought back regular double features?
    34. Subscribed to Entertainment Weekly?
    35. …to Film Comment?
    36. …to Sight & Sound?
    37. …to Cahiers du Cinéma?
    38. Seen at least four of Alfred Hitchcock’s films?
    39. …Paul Thomas Anderson’s?
    40. …Jane Campion’s?
    41. …Stanley Kubrick’s?
    42. …François Truffaut’s?
    43. …Hayao Miyazaki’s?
    44. …Max Ophuls’?
    45. Seen ALL of the films made by any director?
    46. …by any of the directors listed above?
    47. …by ALL of the directors listed above?
    48. Attended a local film festival?
    49. Volunteered at a local film festival?
    50. Attended the Sundance Film Festival?
    51. …SXSW Film Festival?
    52. …Toronto Film Festival?
    53. …Telluride Film Festival?
    54. …Cannes Film Festival?
    55. …Venice Film Festival?
    56. …Berlin Film Festival?
    57. Been called a “human IMDb”?
    58. Been proud to be the first of your friends to remember who starred in that one movie?
    59. Been annoyed when you weren’t?
    60. Taken a film studies class in college?
    61. Minored in film studies?
    62. Majored in film studies?
    63. Owned a book by Roger Ebert?
    64. …by Pauline Kael?
    65. …by David Thomson?
    66. …by B. Ruby Rich?
    67. …by Carol J. Clover?
    68. Unironically spoken the word “auteur”?
    69. …“oeuvre”?
    70. …“mise-en-scene”?
    71. Ranted about the career of Michael Bay?
    72. …Paul W.S. Anderson?
    73. …Ron Howard?
    74. …Steven Spielberg?
    75. Noticed a movie’s projection is off?
    76. Complained to an usher that a movie’s projection is off?
    77. Written a strongly worded tweet about a movie’s projection being off (after the movie was over, of course)?
    78. Refused to see a movie if it’s in 3D?
    79. …if there’s no assigned seating?
    80. …if it’s projected digitally?
    81. …if it’s in color?
    82. Refused to watch a movie on TV if there are commercials?
    83. …if it’s been edited for content?
    84. …if its aspect ratio is wrong?
    85. Spent an evening watching TCM?
    86. …a Friday evening watching TCM?
    87. …a weekend watching TCM?
    88. Set up your DVR to record an out-of-print movie when it airs on TCM?
    89. Been able to identify a movie score in another film’s trailer?
    90. Saved a movie’s score to your phone?
    91. Saved multiple movie scores to your phone?
    92. Made a playlist on your phone called “movie scores”?
    93. Seen a movie just for the actor?
    94. …for the director?
    95. …for the screenwriter?
    96. …for the cinematographer?
    97. Seen a movie by yourself?
    98. Seen a movie by yourself and been the only person in the theater?
    99. …and prefer it that way?
    100. Feel anxious after taking this quiz that you haven’t seen enough movies?

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