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21 Black Owned Clothing And Accessories Brands You Need To Be Following

Inspiration and empowerment through fashion.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. HGC Apparel considers themselves to be the "leader in pride driven" Apparel.

See more of this cool collection at .

2. Power in one's mission is "to EMPOWER LIFESTYLES by igniting the fire within each one of us through fashion and an idea."

TCheck out Power in One over at

3. Sneaker and culture vloggers Bull1trc & Tonyd2wild created SMPL Industries a few years ago and its been an underground hit ever since.

Go see what all the fuss is about over at

4. Sweet Knowledge creates " fashionable, stylish wares to display their school pride"

Show off your HBCU pride

5. 10.DEEP decribes themselves as a "New York-based label that creates highly-detailed and augmented takes on traditional sports and workwear."

Check out more of the collection over at

6. 8and9 "combines an aggressive anti-establishment attitude with quality design, classic sneaker color ways and re-appropriated pop culture references"

Cristina Pimienta

Sneaker heads should definitely go over to to check out the collection.

7. The Cierra Lynn Collection's tag line is "Art that SPEAKS, EMPOWERS and INSPIRES!".

Check out more cool accessories over at

8. Created by legendary hip-hop artist Nas, HSTRY "is a culmination of his life experiences, knowledge and inspiration."

Learn more about the brand and its cool colabs over at

9. Wood you Wear specializes in "accessories that expresses your blackness."

Go over to Etsy to see more.

10. Simply Cecily blends a "contemporary women’s clothing line that fuses the traditionally stylish nature of West African women with the contemporary flair of American design."

Head over to to view more of this beautiful brand.

11. Buried N Kulture wants "everyone who sees themselves as a Kultured being to feel at home with us."

Dope gear at affordable price over at

12. Unique By Reelia is a "collection of colorful and stylish jewelries and accessories, inspired by Africa culture and its diversity to celebrate strong men & women from around the world."

You can find a little bit of everything over at

13. Christian Omeshun designs clothes for "the sophisticated curvy woman who values modern fashion!"


Check out to see more.

14. Beautiful In Every Shade seeks to "transform the way everyday people from around the world look at themselves and others."

One of my favorite brands! Check it out over at

15. Kingdom Native says they're a "Clothing Brand dedicated to creating apparel with a purpose. We strive to be more than nice designs and colors on cloth."

Go over to to browse the the entire collection.

16. Kashmir VIII is brand created by Cleveland native Kashmir Thompson. She says "I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, but decided to take my talents seriously in 2014"

Check out more customized looks over at

17. Nigerian Hippie creates "phenomenal handmade fashion designs" for women of color.

Go over to to check out more handmade designs.

18. The Cultured Savage describes their brand as "clothing for individuals regarded as primitive or uncivilized, However truly intellectual, conscious, and artistic."

Pick this shirt up and much more over at

19. Fly Nerd is a brand that celebrates "the weirdness and quirks that make us nerds fly."

Are you a Fly Nerd? Check out more over at

20. GLOSSRAGS is known for the "And Counting collection" Which Honors African Americans lost to Police Brutality and gun violence.


To check out the Counting Collection and more go over to

21. On.Us.Tees prides itself in being a "clothing brand that aims to promote Honest Propaganda through walking billboards of positivity."

Go over to and spread some love.