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Vlogmas Drinking Game 2015

Play responsibly.

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For those who aren't familiar with this tradition, Vlogmas is a Youtube event where vloggers around the world update their subscribers with one video a day. Each video summarizes their activities within that 24 hour period. It begins on the 1st of December and usually ends on Christmas Eve.

In honor of this years Vlogmas a lovely drinking game has been created to help you further enjoy the season.

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So whip up one of your favorite yuletide drinks, sit back, relax, hit play, and DRINK!

Michelle Phan

Please drink responsibly, and preferably in the safety of your own home with beings who care about you - like the puppy you adopted from the Lange Foundation or your imaginary boyfriend. Also, must be of legal age for alcohol consumption in your respective location.

Take a sip of your drink every time:

1. A vlogmas intro plays, or is mentioned.

2. Someone opens a section of their advent calendar.

3. The vlogger’s significant other makes an appearance.

4. The vlogger apologizes for not doing anything interesting, or for not filming much.

5. A vlogger gets recognized on the street.

6. The vlogger says what clothing or brand of make up they’re wearing.

7. Someone dons a holiday themed outfit or accessory.

8. A montage of the vlogger’s daily activities plays.

9. The vlogger apologizes for their appearance, or lack of make up.

10. A vlogger complains about how hellish Vlogmas is.


Take five second sips for each the following!

11. Another vlogger appears in the video. (This does not include significant others)

12. The vlogger is on a trip, or on holiday.

13. Someone mentions the name Charlotte Tillbury.

Here's a video from beauty vlogger Samanta Maria to get you started!

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