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    Is There A Hidden Story Behind The Casting Of Lavender Brown?

    The Harry Potter character was played by three different actresses.

    Do you remember Lavender Brown?

    Maybe you remember the nationwide casting call which resulted in Jessie Cave landing the role in the sixth Harry Potter film.

    Before Jessie Cave, there were two other actresses who played Lavender in the second and third films. Shockingly, they look nothing like their successor.

    Wait...did she just switch race?

    There could be several reasons why Lavender was recast, but most likely only these three reasons could explain why she made the switch from black to white.

    Reason #1:

    Reason #2:

    Reason #3: In a strange plot twist, Lavender had always been black, but realized that the only way she could get Ron's attention was if she looked like...