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Meme Joe Greene

Pittsburgh Steelers legend Joe Greene offers advice to some popular meme characters. Thernks, Merm Jer!

actclassy 7 years ago

Tutorial: How To Remove Someone From A Photo Without Photoshop

Have you ever had an old photograph that would be perfect if you could just remove that one person with a weird expression or cut that ex-boyfriend? Well, Act Classy is here to help with this easy-to-follow photo manipulation tutorial. In just a few steps, you’ll know how to remove someone from a photo without Photoshop or other expensive software so all your memories can be flawless. Note: You DO need a time machine.

actclassy 7 years ago

Way To Go, Bubba!

Clinton definitely helped President Obama with his speech at the DNC last night.

actclassy 7 years ago

So Were We, Hillary

Hillary Clinton watches from East Timor as her husband, former President Bill Clinton, gives the speech of his lifetime at the Democratic National Convention.

actclassy 7 years ago

Old School Zoltan

This magical Pittsburgh Pirates season is due in large part to Zoltan, the deity a cult worships in the movie "Dude, Where's My Car?" But Pirates players were throwing up the Zoltan hand sign long ago, as evidenced in this photo.

actclassy 7 years ago

Mashed Up: Cathy Meets Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney recently named Paul Ryan his VP pick, and many women are unhappy about the decision. Ryan has consistently proven himself to be an enemy of the vagina and of women’s reproductive rights… but that doesn’t stop the ladies from wanting to see him with his shirt off.

actclassy 7 years ago