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    Nine Reasons Working From Home Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

    Whether you’re a freelancer or a telecommuter, sometimes working from the comfort of your couch isn’t all sunshine, rainbows and endless bowls of cereal.

    1. When your laptop crashes, there’s no one there to fix it.

    2. Happy hours aren’t so happy when it’s a party of one.

    3. You’re starting to distinguish between “nighttime pajamas” and “daytime pajamas.”

    4. No more company-catered meals or lunches with coworkers. You haven’t eaten anything but your own cooking for months.

    5. Your only meaningful interactions are with your cat… and you’re not even sure he likes you that much.

    6. You’re constantly worried that your boss and coworkers think you’re not doing anything.

    7. You haven’t left the house in four days.

    8. You’ve given up all attempts at creating boundaries between work and personal life.

    9. You’ve started talking to yourself so much your neighbors asked when you got a roommate.

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