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    • aclegg87

      My husband dedicated 10 years of his life to the military. He said He would never give anymore years then what the government already took from him that they should be grateful he had already given 10 yrs. He feels the exact same way Mr. Tomas Young felt.Iwould hear stories all the time from my husband that has forever changed his life and his way of thinking. My husband served5tours to Iraq to supposedly be onamission that was all made up. None of what they were looking for ever existed in that region.Awaste of money and time,and sadly so many precious lives that were lost. When my husband joined he was told they would make the ones responsible for 9/11 pay when that never happened. He came backacomplete stranger to me. We had to try to rebuild what we once had and who knows if we can ever get that back.Ithank God every day that he came back with all limbs, and alive. Even after being injured and suffering minor brain injuries. But Mr. Thomas Young as well as many other soldiers and families know exactly what they’ve lost. Francis Drake clearly you didn’t read the article and clearly you shouldn’t haveacomment if you didn’t actively serve or even know what the soldiers or families have been through.

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