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  • Body Confidence For Moms | Fat Loss, Function, + Fitness-Review

    You need to know the real reasons for your mommy tummy + exactly what you need to do (as well as what exercises to avoid!) to get your body looking + feeling great. You need to understand how to reconnect, realign, restore + strengthen the muscles of your entire core, including your pelvic floor… How a Mom feeding a family can eat for long-term health + vitality… You need the motivational strategies + pick-me-ups for the days when you’re just not feeling it, the personal trainer secrets that ensure you get the most efficient, effective + targeted workouts into the shortest possible time, at home + in tune with your hectic schedule. System 12 Week Coaching Program For Moms, From Renowned Postpartum Fitness Expert - Specialist In Core Restoration After Childbirth. Flatten Your Tummy, Restore Your Core + Pelvic Floor, Drop Fat, Tone Up + Get The Body Confidence You Deserve!

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