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    Posted on Jan 28, 2016

    19 Things To Do At The TFA 25th Anniversary Summit

    You already know why you should attend, now let's talk about what you should do during the TFA 25th Anniversary Summit.

    1. Toast to your Institute memories with your CMA. (Don't worry, it's finally okay.)


    Thank them for keeping you sane as you ate the same exact cafeteria food for 5 weeks straight while also learning how to teach.

    2. See your long lost MTLD/PD/MP and cohort again.


    Did you know that they're called MPs now?? #managersofprogram #alwayslearning #acronymsftw

    3. Snap a picture with the most famous TFAer there is... WENDY!


    Magical and mystical. She's the ed. reform world's Oprah and don't you dare forget it.

    4. Tweet a quote or message you heard in a session. #YourStoryOurStory #TFA25


    If an inspirational quote doesn't make it on Twitter, then did it even happen?

    5. Grab some free swag. Grab all the free swag.


    Water bottles! Pens! Tote bags! Stock up and don't feel bad about it.

    6. Take a selfie with as many people from your corps region as possible. #TFA25 #YourStoryOurStory


    Using a selfie stick does NOT count as cheating.

    7. Get your LinkedIn on. This is still the TFA Summit and you're surrounded by some of the best brains in the business.


    Charm them with stories from your first year of teaching.

    8. #nonewfriends was so 2015. Did you know 2016 is the year of #ALLthenewfriends? Get at least 10 new people's numbers so you can make those Sunday brunch plans.


    Or add them on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, or whatever the *~*cOoL*~* kids are using these days.

    9. CMA? PLC? TAL rubric?? Tweet the line you hear with the most TFA acronyms.


    Speak the language you've missed so much. #transformationalchange #teacherjargon

    10. Make plans to see that fellow corps member... You know, the one who got away. ;)


    You never know… They could be the Jim Halpert to your Pam Beasley.

    11. Eat free food. A lot of it.


    Known fact: Food tastes better when it's free.

    12. Not in the same place anymore? Reunite with your BEST FRIENDS FROM THE CORPS.


    Don't hold back on the feelings. You know they won't.

    13. Meet up with your work wife from your placement school. And then meet her new work husband.


    Try not to get too jealous. You know what they say: "Make new friends but keep the old." Keep. the. old.

    14. Dance like no one's watching. Sing like no one's listening. Celebrate like it’s a snow day. @JanelleMonae


    Who wants to take bets on whether or not @JohnLegend gets on stage?

    15. Enjoy that happy hour, but not too much...


    Unfortunately, Monday is still coming.

    16. Become #NPR famous.


    Tell your story through the #StoryCorps app at the @achievement1st booth. #YourStoryOurStory

    17. Talk to a corps member who was taught by a corps member.


    Because yes, we are old enough that it's possible.

    18. Colorado or North Carolina Corps? Make sure you’re by a TV in time for the Super Bowl!

    And if football's not your thing, then just remember that Queen Beyoncé is performing at halftime (oh, and Coldplay, too). #bringbackleftshark

    19. Share stories about your corps experience and remember what inspired you to join TFA in the first place. #YourStoryOurStory #TFA25

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