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    5 Myths About Your Principal Totally Busted

    In honor of National Principals Month (October 2015), here are a few things you thought you knew -- but didn’t! -- about your school principal.

    Myth #1: A principal’s primary job is to deliver the morning announcements and make sure the buses run on time.

    Fact: Great principals are kick-ass former teachers.

    Myth #2: Principals have summers off and the rest of the year their work day ends early, typically around 3:00 PM.

    Fact: A great principal usually works 10 hours per day (or more), all year round, overseeing every aspect of a school.

    Myth #3: Principals don’t remember what it’s like to be a student.

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    That’s why Principal Strickland was always nagging Marty McFly.

    Fact: Great principals are deeply committed to students and are always learning themselves, often by pursuing advanced training.

    Myth #4: Principals are disconnected from the realities of teaching today. They don’t remember what it’s like to be "in the game."

    Fact: A great principal is like a great coach: she is in classrooms and working with teachers as much as possible, developing and inspiring them to perform their best.

    Myth #5: Students only talk to their principals when sent to the dreaded principal’s office.

    Fact: Great principals would much rather send their students to the Oval Office than the principal’s office.

    October is National Principals Month, so be sure to #ThankAPrincipal for all they do to support students, teachers, families, and communities!