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    13 Things You See At A Minneapolis #BlackLivesMatter Protest

    Minneapolis #BlackLivesMatter protests are unique in their own way.

    1. Love, Solidarity, and Support.


    People are constantly bringing food, drinks, hats, gloves, hand warmers, milk ( used for tear gas ), face masks..and more! It's unconditional, and it's awesome.

    2. The kuffiyeh.

    The Kuffiyeh, scarf, Known around the world as a symbol of resistance!

    3. Drums.

    It never fails! Someone always brings a drum ( or drums), it definitely gives a special effect to all the chanting! Resist through art! YES.

    4. Children.

    If this isn't inspiring, I don't know what is!

    5. The Hijab.

    Muslim women in Hijab be holding it down at these protests! oppressed who? we in this. (A lot of non muslims wear it too to keep warm in the Minnesota cold )

    6. Die-in's.

    Protesters once had a "die-in" in 0 degree weather in the middle of the street. Enough said.

    7. The highways.

    Often times protesters end up on a highway, and subsequently #ShutItDown

    8. Familiar faces.

    Local community members, prominent activists, community organizers, the president of the NAACP, and more!

    9. White People.

    It threw me off at first, but some of the "G'ist" protesters and supporters of the #BlackLivesMatter protests in Minneapolis are white people.

    10. Bystanders.

    Whether they are in support, documenting, or just watching, they're always there!

    Shutout to LUSH workers for supporting #BlackLivesMatter against the "MOA rules"

    11. Hand Signs.

    12. These guys.

    13. Haters.

    From verbally insulting protesters, to running them over with cars and vans.. we got all kinds of them!

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