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    • abrahams4

      Lets see: In MERUCA 6 year old girl can say that she is trans because she feels like it.
      In America boys are told to wear dresses and walk like sluts on a slut walk and their parents clap while they see their children walk like that.
      So it is still normal though it could happen, but what will you say when a 40 year old dude starts to kiss a 4 year old child on the streets right infront off you and tells you that they love each other?
      “TAHA WILL NEVER HAPPEN!” Domino effect, will take place.

    • abrahams4

      So your Aliens or your still processing science (and if you assume you are such a science fan explain the theory of relativity) must have answers to everything right.
      And leaving the religion behind, who are you to adress a right to other human beings that are not capable to distinguish lust with need? What is the purpose of homosexual intercourse if you are not able to breed?
      BUT MUH LOVE, stop kidding yourself, everybody understands that love is not based on having sex with each other but with communication and respect. Next time you tell your mother you love her, start fucking her, because that is what it MEANS right?

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