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21 Tweets That Will Make You Say "Same" If You're A Girl Who Likes Girls

"My eyeliner isn't straight, but neither is my sexuality so at least I'm consistent."

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1. This all-too-real moment:

Via twitter

2. Or this familiar one:

I was just told I was a waste to man kind because I was a lesbian.

Via Twitter: @AlyssaPacheco

3. This struggle:

Does pulling a long hair out of your butt crack and not knowing if it's yours or not count as a feminine lesbian problem?

Via twitter

4. This anthem...

Via twitter

5. .... Which sometimes leads to this depressing realization:

"Oh, *sigh* she's straight" - the autobiography of the depressed lesbian.

Via twitter

6. This battle:

*Picks up book* 'How To Not Think With Your Vagina'

Via twitter

7. This question:

When the doctor asks if "you're sisters"...

Via twitter

8. This reply:

Uber driver asked if Bae and I are sisters? I wanna show him this face swap and ask him to point out similarities.

Via twitter

9. Coming out to a stranger and getting this reaction:

When you tell people you're gay & they start overcompensating out of shock. "I'm fine with that. TOTALLY FINE. Doesn't bother me I SWEAR."

Via twitter

10. or this awkward reaction:

"My sister is a lesbian!" -someone who doesn't know how to start a conversation with a gay person

Via twitter

11. These kinds of texts from your mom, which you get far too often:

Like I'm pleased you accept me Mum, but really? #lesbianproblems

Via - Twitter: @tarajaneoctober

12. This pastime:

Via twitter

13. Pretending you didn't understand the advertising in an LGBT movie while growing up:

@Natasha_Nicole8 lmao rented it from blockbuster w/ my stepmom and tried to act like I didn't understand the cover..

Via twitter

14. This New Year's resolution gone wrong:

in 2014 one of mine was to get a boyfriend but halfway through the yr I realised I wasn't straight 😂 #LetMeFemsplain

Via twitter

15. This true statement:

I love boobs but I hate having them #lesbianproblems

Via twitter

16. This bloody truth:

If a guy likes you, you'll know. If a girl likes you, good freaking luck figuring that one out.

Via twitter

17. This one:

Relatives: So, do you have a boyfriend? Me: No... just focusing on career.. #growingupgay

Via Twitter: @QueerGrlKahanis

18. This millennial sign of loneliness:

Just when I started to feel like being single wasn't that lonely...

Via Twitter: @sarahcroce

19. 💅

my eyeliner isn't straight but neither is my sexuality so at least I'm consistent

Via twitter

20. This tweet about coming out:

Via Twitter: @StarTiller1

21. And this existential, relatable question:

Via Twitter: @agedilonardo

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