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    24 Problems That Are Way Too Real For Femme Queer Girls

    Being left out of "the nod" when you see other queer people in public.

    1. Dating someone a bit more masculine and getting asked why you just don’t date men.

    Netflix / Via

    2. Or dating someone who is also femme and getting constantly asked if you're sisters.

    Uber driver asked if Bae and I are sisters? I wanna show him this face swap and ask him to point out similarities.

    3. Having to deal with men asking for threesomes with you and your girlfriend.

    Hulu / Via

    4. People never being sure if you're queer, no matter how many times you tell them.

    "Kristen Stewart Palls Around With Her Gal Pal Like A Couple Of Gals Who Are Gal Pals, Also What Is A Lesbian?"

    5. How clear do you have to be?


    6. The ever imaginative phrase "you're too pretty to be a lesbian".

    I was a lesbian, but after he told me that I was too pretty and that he could change my mind, I couldn't help myself! #NoWomanEver

    7. Or "You know this is a gay bar right?"

    NBC / Via

    8. You know exactly where you are.


    9. And then you spend the rest of the night being mistaken for the "straight girl".

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    10. Dealing with the problems that come with not having stereotypically short hair.

    Does pulling a long hair out of your butt crack and not knowing if it's yours or not count as a feminine lesbian problem?

    11. Being left out of "the nod" when you see other queer people in public.

    when you’re gay and you see another gay couple holding hands in public

    12. Not being able to have long nails.

    when you're talking to a girl and things start getting serious...

    13. Having no one to swap shoes with when your feet are sore because you and your girlfriend are both wearing heels.


    14. You literally have to come out all the time because otherwise no one knows.

    DailyYou / Via

    15. Because people often feel like you've lied to them if you don't come out straight away.

    straight girls: every girl should have a gay friend! lesbian: hi straight girls:

    16. You’re probably used to making the first move because other girls don't want to fall into the straight girl trap.


    17. You've gotten pretty imaginative at finding new ways to come out at work.

    18. And you're generally good dropping subtle hints.

    19. Just so that everyone is clear.


    20. People automatically assume that you're submissive because you're femme.


    21. Your rainbow wardrobe is probably very extensive.

    22. Because it is one way you can be recognised.

    Cartoon Network

    23. Until they come up with a universally recognisable queer identifier.

    24. But secretly you enjoy breaking down other people's stereotypes of what a queer woman should be.


    And you can't help it if you're naturally fabulous

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