10 Ways "Thrift Shop" Has Ruined Hip-Hop (And Parodies)

No. Just, no. A bunch of companies from the incubator program 500 Startups just got together to make a “Thrift Shop” parody 8 months late. And it’s horrible. This is all your fault, Macklemore.

This is all your fault.

1. There are people who actually invested in these people. We’re talking millions here.

2. Please don’t bully these kids in the future. It’s not their fault. I repeat, it’s not their fault.

3. This video made Pikachu want to go into the Pokeball.

4. 10 out of 10 “Thrift Shop” marriages end in divorce.

5. The number of people that look like Macklemore is TOO DAMN HIGH.

6. And you thought “White Chicks” was bad.

7. This is why Sega went under.

8. I’m sorry Obama. =/

Even the NRA does not approve this message.

9. Take the song out and this video may have been on to something.

10. This comment sums this video up well: “Spent 10 grand on a TV…has a Toshiba laptop.”

Does it depress you? How bad these really are?

Macklemore stomping all over your hip-hop playlists.

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