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    15 "The Big Bang Theory" Storylines That Missed The Mark

    From Penny's wedding dress to Raj's ending.

    I am a huge fan of the socially awkward, super-smart quartet of CalTech scientists on The Big Bang Theory. When the season finale aired in 2019, I was super thrilled to watch it.

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    Warning: Minor spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the entire series.

    But are some things I wish happened differently in the series, especially the season finale. Here's the top 15 moments that could have been better:

    1. Raj deserved a better ending

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    Raj was the most sensitive, caring and sweetest of the group. Realistically, he had higher chances of finding a girlfriend. He deserved to have a happy love life, but he ended being the token representation character in the finale.

    2. Penny being pregnant

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    It is clear throughout the series that Penny does not like children or being around them. Her becoming pregnant and being happy about it in the ending seemed very out of character. It sounded along the lines of every other person telling child-free women that they will "change their decision in the end."

    3. Leonard should have received the Nobel Prize

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    From the beginning, Leonard's professional accomplishments are looked down upon by his family and Sheldon. Leonard should have received the Nobel Prize with Sheldon. This could have been made a huge difference to his self-confidence.

    4. Howard and his kids

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    Howard was not a creepy human as was portrayed in the series. He was made fun of for being a pervert, for his appearance and for the fact that he lived with his mother. His professional accomplishments were looked down upon because he did not have a PhD. But, one thing he was exceptionally good at was being a father. His relationship with his kids could have been explored at least a bit in the series.

    5. Raj going to Britain

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    Okay, let's get this one clear: Raj might be desperate for love, but there is no way he would have relocated halfway around the world for a girl. His friends are his everything. The whole "Raj moving to Britain to be with Anu" was very out of character. 

    6. Howard should have had a better relationship with Bernie's Dad

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    Howard was abandoned by his father in his childhood. Bernadette's dad had a good chance to fill this gap in his life. Sadly, we didn't to get to see much of their chemistry.

    7. Penny's career

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    Penny moved to California to be an actor. Yes, she was a terrible actor and I am grateful she didn't continue as one. But it is clear that she was not enjoying her job as a pharmaceutical representative. Penny is a very smart person. She deserved to do something she is passionate about. Maybe a successful business of selling "penny blossoms"?

    8. Raj and Emily should have been together

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    Despite how creepy she was, Emily and Raj, made a really cute pair. Emily seemed to understand Raj with all his weirdness. They should have been together. 

    9. Raj and Howard's relationship

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    Raj and Howard were platonic soulmates. The whole "Raj and Howard are too close to each other" joke was unnecessary. It is time we stop gatekeeping certain kinds of intimacy to certain kinds of relationships. 

    10. "Young Leonard"

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    Yes, the Young Sheldon spinoff is good. I like it, but I think a "Young Leonard" spinoff would have been more fun. Think of all the fun plotlines we can get from Dr. Hofstadter's psychological experiments on Leonard.

    11. Amy and Leonard's friendship

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    While we got to see Penny-Sheldon, Amy-Penny, Raj-Bernadette dynamics in the series, I think Amy and Leonard could have also made really good friends. Their expereince of taking care of Sheldon would have a strong bonding matter for this friendship we didn't get to see much

    12. Penny's wedding dress

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    Yes, I am grateful that Lenny had a proper wedding, but Penny deserved a better wedding dress. She is the fashionista!!! She deserved a proper full-length flowing, beautiful gown!

    13. Raj and the snake scene

    Raj playing with a snake
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    The "Raj-is-an-Indian" joke was a prime content in most of the episodes, but Raj playing with the snake scene was a little too much stereotyping. Yes, even for The Big Bang Theory.

    14. Sheldon as an ACE icon

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    Sheldon and Amy were a cute couple, but it would have so much more sense if he were asexual and aromantic. I mean, we could have used an aroace canon character.

    15. Stuart Bloom!!!

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    Alright, this needed to be said. Stuart deserved a place in the inner circle. His comic bookstore was their hangout place, he was like a child to Howard's mother, and he was Raj's roommate for a while. Well, at least he got a love interest in the end.

    What storylines on The Big Bang Theory would you change?