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    A Ranking Of The Most Wild "Riverdale" Plot Lines That Made Me Go "WTF Is Happening"

    Well, anything is possible in the Riverdale universe. Nevertheless!

    Riverdale is most definitely one of the most "WTF is happening" kinda TV shows out there. So here is a ranking of the show's plot lines from "kinda believable" to "WTF is happening."

    18. When Cheryl burned her whole house down.

    17. When Jughead faked his own death.

    16. When Betty almost boiled a schoolmate alive.

    15. The serial killer genes.

    14. When Jughead took mushrooms and was abducted by moth men.

    13. When Veronica and the Vixens danced outside the juvie.

    12. When Alice and Chic covered up a death.

    11. The whole Jones-Cooper scenario.

    10. The Black Hood.

    9. When Archie dated Ms. Grundy.

    Grundy and Archie kissing

    8. When Jellybean stalked the entire town.

    7. When Archie fought a BEAR.

    6. Gryphons & Gargogyles.

    5. When Cheryl kept her brother's corpse in the basement of her house.

    4. Rivervale?

    3. The Farm.

    Cheryl looking scared

    2. When Archie got sacrificed.

    1. And finally, when Toni turned into La Llorona.

    La Llorona with baby Anthony

    What is the most over-the-top storyline on Riverdale to you?