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8 Female TV And Movie Characters That Were Almost Certainly Written By A Man, And 8 Others That Were Written By A Woman

Men should seriously do more research before creating unrealistic female leads.

As "women written by men" and "men written by women" trends have started important conversations on social media platforms, especially TikTok and Twitter, here's a look at how men and women create female leads.

Content warning: There are mentions of sexual assault, rape, and pregnancy below.

1. Dominika in Red Sparrow was clearly written by a man.

Jennifer Lawrence as "Sparrow"

2. While Aimee in Sex Education was clearly written by a woman.

3. Women from The Big Bang Theory are written very poorly, by men of course.

4. Orange Is the New Black was created by a woman, and it shows.

Piper sitting in an airplane in orange overalls

5. Bethany in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle proves men are oblivious of women and their relationship with their boobs.

6. Room, created by women, has a credible female survival thriller character.

The mother hugging the child

7. Women in Fullmetal Alchemist screams written by a woman.

8. On the other hand, Karin Uzumaki in Naruto was written by a man.

9. Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad was written by a man...

Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad

10. ...while her character in Birds of Prey was written by a woman — and it shows.

Harley in Birds of Prey

11. Women in Spring Breakers, including Candy and Faith, are written so poorly that I feel secondhand embarrassment for the writer.

12. The women in Jane the Virgin were 100% written by a woman.

Jane, Xiomara, and Abuela sitting with matching coffee mugs in their hands and smiling with tears in their eyes

13. The labor scene in Nine Months goes without saying that it was written by a man.

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20th Century Fox

Nine Months, written and directed by Chris Columbus, has one of the most unrealistic labor scenes I have seen. Julianne Moore's character Rebecca Taylor-Faulkner is basically continuously screaming and moaning during the entire labor. YES! There is not even a single break in her contractions from the moment she goes into labor. 

14. In contrast, the realistic labor scene in Look Who's Talking is gold.

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TriStar Pictures

Written and directed by Amy Heckerling, the labor scene in Look Who's Talking clearly shows that it was written by someone who has gone through labor. In the scene, we can see Kirstie Alley's character, Mollie, demanding the nurse to give her some drugs to ease the process.

15. Jenny in Forrest Gump is basically just there in the movie.

16. Lastly, Iris and Amanda in The Holiday scream written by a woman.

Iris and Amanda looking down

Who would you add to the list?