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    My 5-Year-Old Cousin Is Very Cool, So She Told Me What The 14 Coolest Things On Earth Are

    Take notes.

    Meet my cousin Andie. She just turned five, and has top-secret intel about the coolest things ever. Luckily, she decided to share her wisdom with us, so get excited, because here we go!

    Brenda Gross / Via Instagram: @life_of_a_5yearold

    You may also remember her from this quiz, in which case, welcome back.

    1. The coolest shirt: “I KNOW! A dolphin shirt in the sea that’s full of sea creatures, and it lights up when the sun goes on it. And it turns colors!”


    2. The coolest movie: “Hmmm… Frozen 2, because Olaf says, ‘Elsa, Anna, Sven, Kristoff, Samantha… who’s Samantha… I don’t know a Samantha!’ and that’s so funny.”


    3. The coolest TV show: “Abby Hatcher Fuzzly Catcher! There’s a pink fuzzly, which is a fluffy little thing, and an orange fuzzly. The pink fuzzly can squirt pink glitter glue, and the orange fuzzly can squirt orange glitter glue.”

    Nick Jr.

    4. The coolest game: “Frozen Monopoly! It’s the coolest game because there’s three players, one of them is Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.”

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    5. The coolest celebrity: “Adam Levine, because I like his voice. And my favorite song is ‘Girls Like You’.”

    Interscope Records

    6. The coolest name: “Sophie, because I like the short name ‘Soph’.”


    7. The coolest place you’ve been: “Florida! Because there’s a park with monkey bars that swing, and it’s good to practice my gymnastics.”

    Gabriele Maltinti / Getty Images / Via Unsplash

    8. The coolest food: “All the types of ice creams, except chocolate mint, all stacked layers, and SO tall.”

    Ahirao_photo / Getty Images

    9. The coolest color: “Purple and greenish blue, because they are cool together and they look pretty.”

    Ivan101 / Getty Images / Via Unsplash

    10. The coolest animal: “Cute little doggies, because they’re so cute! And a bunny and a cat. They’re adorable.”


    11. The coolest thing to do at school: “Gymnastics! I do it at recess. It’s cool because we get to do cartwheels, handstands, somersaults and fun stuff. I never hurt myself, because I just get back up if I fall.”

    FOX / Via Unsplash

    12. The coolest clothes: “Cool rock and roll clothes. Like black sparkly pants, and gray, red, and blue writing, that says something like, ‘you are the rock and roll person'.”

    Gaga Kidz

    13. The coolest song: “'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds!' I like his voice, I like the word ‘diamonds’ and I like the name Lucy.”

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    14. The coolest season: “Fall, because I like to jump in leaves!”

    Getty / Via Unsplash