My 5-Year-Old Cousin Is Very Cool, So She Told Me What The 14 Coolest Things On Earth Are

    Take notes.

    Meet my cousin Andie. She just turned five, and has top-secret intel about the coolest things ever. Luckily, she decided to share her wisdom with us, so get excited, because here we go!

    1. The coolest shirt: “I KNOW! A dolphin shirt in the sea that’s full of sea creatures, and it lights up when the sun goes on it. And it turns colors!”

    2. The coolest movie: “Hmmm… Frozen 2, because Olaf says, ‘Elsa, Anna, Sven, Kristoff, Samantha… who’s Samantha… I don’t know a Samantha!’ and that’s so funny.”

    3. The coolest TV show: “Abby Hatcher Fuzzly Catcher! There’s a pink fuzzly, which is a fluffy little thing, and an orange fuzzly. The pink fuzzly can squirt pink glitter glue, and the orange fuzzly can squirt orange glitter glue.”

    4. The coolest game: “Frozen Monopoly! It’s the coolest game because there’s three players, one of them is Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.”

    5. The coolest celebrity: “Adam Levine, because I like his voice. And my favorite song is ‘Girls Like You’.”

    6. The coolest name: “Sophie, because I like the short name ‘Soph’.”

    7. The coolest place you’ve been: “Florida! Because there’s a park with monkey bars that swing, and it’s good to practice my gymnastics.”

    8. The coolest food: “All the types of ice creams, except chocolate mint, all stacked layers, and SO tall.”

    9. The coolest color: “Purple and greenish blue, because they are cool together and they look pretty.”

    10. The coolest animal: “Cute little doggies, because they’re so cute! And a bunny and a cat. They’re adorable.”

    11. The coolest thing to do at school: “Gymnastics! I do it at recess. It’s cool because we get to do cartwheels, handstands, somersaults and fun stuff. I never hurt myself, because I just get back up if I fall.”

    12. The coolest clothes: “Cool rock and roll clothes. Like black sparkly pants, and gray, red, and blue writing, that says something like, ‘you are the rock and roll person'.”

    13. The coolest song: “'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds!' I like his voice, I like the word ‘diamonds’ and I like the name Lucy.”

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    14. The coolest season: “Fall, because I like to jump in leaves!”