17 Insanely Funny Valentine's Day Posts All Single People Will Relate To

    *buys chocolates just to eat yourself*

    1. This great plan.

    2. Just too real.

    3. This undeniably true realization.

    4. This best-by date.

    5. This Hunger Games reference.

    6. This wonderful poem that you should give to someone this year.

    7. This tale of romance.

    8. This incredibly relatable thought.

    9. This expert advice.

    10. This message envy.

    11. This brilliant idea.

    12. This realistic approach to Valentine's Day.

    13. An amazing solution to PDA.

    Pretty much. Lol. #ValentinesDay #TheBigBangTheory #lol #funny #loveisintheair

    14. This relatable graph.

    15. These mixed emotions we all have.

    16. This tweet.

    17. And this too-true statement.

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