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    21 Insanely Funny Tumblr Stories That Seem Too Good To Be True

    Whether they're true or not, they'll still make you laugh.

    1. Pegasus tears:

    2. Famous last words:

    3. The crunch:

    4. Mr. Noodle:

    5. The slice wars:

    6. The ultimate scam:

    7. Seven:

    8. The kiss:

    9. The liar:

    10. The frenchiest fry:

    11. The bears:

    12. I give it a 10:

    13. The prodigy:

    14. The stupid:

    15. Michael Steve:

    16. The beckoning:

    17. That's an ice plan:

    18. The message:

    19. The badass:

    20. This solution:

    21. The legend:

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