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5 Reasons Why DJ Tanner And Kimmy Gibbler’s Friendship Is Really Awesome

DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler: Best Friends for Life

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5. They love to hang out together despite the protestations of DJ’s family

Although DJ’s family seems to dislike Kimmy, DJ is the only one who loves her in a sisterly way. And the reason for that is because DJ gets to practice her leadership skills and guide Kimmy, although she does get to have a lot of fun, too.

4. They aren’t afraid to try a look that’s different

Of course, DJ and Kimmy learned the hard way that trying to sneak out while looking like a seventh-grade girl and “Jessica Rabbit” (in DJ’s case) wasn’t going to work at all.

3. They have a bond between each other

Steel is forged through fire, and gets stronger as a result. That is exactly what describes the friendship between DJ and Kimmy. They would go through all sorts of tough situations where their friendship is tested, but they would come out of said situations a whole lot better.

1. ...they show that they’re not afraid to make up and hug.

But they were never afraid to apologize to each other, as they realized their friendship with each other was quite valuable, as well as very precious.

Some friendships do stand the test of time and growing up through childhood and adolescence. DJ and Kimmy’s friendship with each other is no exception to that — not one single iota.

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