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Pokémon Episode Quiz: Pokémon - I Choose You!

Test your knowledge and see how much you know about this very first episode of the original Pokémon series..

abbyw13 • 11 months ago

Which Fire-Type Pokémon Is Your Favorite?

Everyone has a favorite Fire-type Pokémon. Which one is yours?

abbyw13 • One year ago

Which Song Do You Like To Listen To Sometimes?

Everyone has their favorite songs they like to listen to some of the time. What is yours?

abbyw13 • One year ago

How Well Do You Know The Film “Public Enemies”?

How well do you know the 2009 film Public Enemies (which stars Johnny Depp as John Dillinger)? Take this quiz and find out..

abbyw13 • 2 years ago

16 Original Pokemon That Would Actually Make Fantastic Pets

Because, seriously, who hasn't wished at least once to have a Pokemon for real?

Jeremy Bender • 5 years ago
Jarry Lee • 3 years ago
Ishmael N. Daro • 2 years ago

A Day In The Life Of The "Ascension Millennium," According To Corey Feldman

The "Ascension Millennium" has everything: nonsensical lyrics, sexy angels, a Sean Astin cameo, product placement, all of the fedoras because of course, and the never-ending Michael Jackson impersonation that is Corey Feldman's life.

alicialutes • 6 years ago

35 Life Lessons We Learned From "Heavyweights"

We can't all be skinny wieners. So Tony, Gerry and the gang give us some important lessons to live by.

Candice Winters • 6 years ago

Can You Match The “Full House” Quote With The Episode?

How much do you know about the TV show Full House? Try matching the quotes to the episode they’re from, and find out..

abbyw13 • 3 years ago

Degrassi Poll: Most Favorite Episode?

What's your favorite episode of Degrassi?

abbyw13 • 3 years ago
Chelsea Brown • 3 years ago

Can You Identify The Pokémon From Their First Moves?

For the Pokémon purists, original 151 only.

Morenike Adebayo • 3 years ago

Degrassi Episode Quiz: “Heat Of The Moment”

How much do you know about the Degrassi Season 8 episode Heat of the Moment? Well, here’s a quiz to test your knowledge..

abbyw13 • 3 years ago

Home Alone: Old Man Marley

There are many reasons why the 1990 smash hit classic Home Alone is very beloved. One of them: the character of Old Man Marley.

abbyw13 • 3 years ago

Public Service Announcements: Helping The Earth

Give a hoot, don’t pollute. People start pollution, people can stop it. Only you can prevent forest fires (and wildfires). Woodsy the Owl, Iron Eyes Cody, Smokey the Bear and others have spoken. Will you listen?

abbyw13 • 3 years ago

Who Are Your Favorite Character(s) From Home Alone 1 And 2?

When it comes to Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, everyone has their favorite character(s). What would yours be?

abbyw13 • 3 years ago

38 Reasons "Good Burger" Is The Funniest '90s Movie Ever

"I'm a dude! He's a dude! She's a dude! 'Cause we're all dudes! HEY!"

Stacey Grant • 4 years ago

Pokémon Poll: What Is Your Spending Style On The Pokémon Video Games?

Everybody has their own spending style, and the Pokémon video games are no exception. What's yours?

abbyw13 • 3 years ago