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5 Good Reasons Why Poison Ivy From Batman Is Pretty Neat

When it comes to the Batman characters, it's Poison Ivy that I like. Here are some good reasons why....

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2. She looks different in every form of media

In most Batman media, such as the comics, Ivy is shown to have green skin. But as time went on and the comics were adapted to movies and TV shows, such as the cartoon Batman: the Animated Series, Ivy looked much more different with white skin.

3. She's played by Uma Thurman in the 1997 film

As far as performances go in movies, Uma Thurman did an awesome job bringing Ivy to life in the film the way she did.

Favorite quote: "I am Nature's arm! Her spirit! Her will! Hell, I am Mother Nature."

4. Her plant powers

Basically, whenever I think of Poison Ivy, I instantly remember something... her power to manipulate plants. In the different forms of Batman media, as with her looks, her powers seem to vary, of course.


And the number-one reason why I like her...?

Two words: River Phoenix.

Yes, the late, great actor/musician/vegetarian would've taken a liking to Batman's Poison Ivy, especially if he'd gotten the chance to star as the male equivalent of her in a Batman film. And he would've... had he not died so young at the age of 23 the way he did...

Ivy and Harley feeling mournful over the loss of River Phoenix. I think these two definitely speak for all River fans with those sad expressions....

Well, that's that. I hope that all these reasons will explain why I like the Batman villainess with plant manipulation powers....

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