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10 Awesome Life Lessons From "Lizzie McGuire"

Lizzie McGuire was no exception to offering words of wisdom. Here's a list of ten pieces of advice that the main characters (Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo, respectively) had learned -- and gave to us while they were at it.

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2. Being Unique is a Great Thing to Be


This is a really awesome speech given by Lawrence "Larry" Tudgeman in the Season 1 episode The Untitled Stan Jansen Project. Besides being comfortable in his own skin, Larry has something in common with Gordo: he prefers to stay true to himself, no matter what his peers at school might think. He even gives Gordo this well-known gem that became a battle cry for all those like him everywhere -- both in middle school and in high school at that..

3. Ask for Help


Lizzie has definitely made a point here. Asking for help with something, especially if it's something you don't know how to do very well, is a good thing to do. Even adults are more than welcome to ask for help, as it's always there; the only problem is that pride can get in the way...

4. A Budget is a Good Thing to Have


In the Season 2 episode Best Dressed for Much Less, Lizzie delivers this really neat gem. However, what she doesn't seem to realize is that money and budgets are two different things. Also, budgets are a good way of helping to track where a person's money goes, too.

5. Impress Someone with Your Smarts


As per usual, Gordo is right on the money here. Impressing someone with what's in your mind is a lot better-- and a lot more neater than impressing them with the contents of a wallet.

7. Be True to Yourself


Again, Gordo shows his wisdom here. Staying true to one's own self can be hard at first, but it becomes easier over time. Plus, it's a whole lot better than trying to be someone else...

8. Standing By Your Friend (or Vice Versa) Can Come at a Cost


In the Season 2 episode You're a Good Man, Lizzie McGuire, Gordo knew he had a big decision to make: standing by Lizzie even though it would cost him dearly. He was also right when he said that since Lizzie wasn't going to be at the Paris-themed Spring Fling Dance, he wouldn't be there, either. And that is a mark of a good friend right there, too.

9. Credit Cards Can Be Bad News if Used Improperly


In the Season 2 episode The Gordo Shuffle, Gordo learned the hard way that a credit card is serious business. In real life, credit cards can be bad news if they are used incorrectly -- especially when they're in the hands of a 14-year-old who hasn't been told about credit cards and how to use them the right way. Credit cards do mean "Buy Now, Pay Later", after all.

Lizzie: So, what'd your parents say?

Gordo: You mean after they yelled at the credit card company?

Lizzie: They yelled at the credit card company and they didn't yell at you?

Toon Lizzie: That makes no sense. Why can't my parents be like that?

Gordo: See, they -- they knew that I wouldn't actually ask for a credit card. So, they were pretty mad when some company just sent me one.

Lizzie: And how are you gonna pay it off?

Gordo: Yeah, well, pretty much lost my allowance for the rest of my life. So from now on, there's no more food, no entertainment, no anything.

Lizzie: Sounds fun.

Gordo: Yep. It'll just be you and me, hanging out, doing nothing.

Lizzie: Ugh -- torture.

Toon Lizzie: Actually, maybe that's not so bad.

10. A Crush On Your Teacher Is Different From Having a Crush on Other Boys


In the Season 2 episode The Greatest Crush of All, the girls try to keep their hearts in the right place when a handsome substitute teacher comes to Hillridge Junior High from Scotland.

Gordo: Can you believe this?

Larry: No. They should be fighting over me.

Gordo: (chuckles, shakes his head) Tudgeman.

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