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    The Definitive Ranking Of All 60 'Gossip Girl' Characters From Worst To Best

    Spoilers Ahead. XOXO, Gossip Girl

    60. Vanessa Abrams

    Is anyone truly surprised that Vanessa is dead last? From her sleeping a majority of the characters on the show (Nate, Dan, Chuck, Olivia Burke), to scheming with Juliet to take down Serena, Vanessa is the most unfavorable character. Pack up your mismatched clothes and get out Vanessa, you're not wanted here.

    59. Prince Louis Grimaldi

    Tried to come between Chuck and Blair which in and of itself is unacceptable, but also confessed that he didn't love Blair and forced her to pay a dowry after their marriage fell apart. Not cool dude, even for a prince.

    58. Bart Bass

    Faked his own death and tried to murder his son, enough said.

    57. Beatrice and Sophie Grimaldi

    The conspiring sister and mother of Louis that despised Blair, and it didn't help that Sophie and Louis had an odd sexual tension going on.

    56. Rachel Carr

    Wanted to be a morally upright teacher and not give Blair an easy A, yet slept with student Dan Humphrey.

    55. Juliet Sharp

    Juliet was creepy obsessed with Serena and worked to gain revenge for what happened to her brother--including drugging Serena and having millions of pictures of her on her wall. Stage 5 psychopath.

    54. Ivy Dickens

    Was paid by Carol Rhodes to pretend to be her daughter, and once she got a taste of the Upper East Side she would not leave (no matter how many times we begged her to).

    53. Aaron Rose

    All I can remember about him is that he was an irritating artist and one of the many that dated Serena.

    52. Duchess Catherine Beaton

    Not only has an affair with Nate, but also with her stepson Lord Marcus. A cougar in the finest sense of the word.

    51. Lord Marcus Beaton

    Step son to the Duchess (above) and was quite boring besides his beautiful British accent.

    50. Trip van der Bilt

    Fit the sleazy congressman stereotype pretty well after cheating on his wife with Serena and then abandoning Serena after their car crash.

    49. Agnes Andrews

    Agnes is a model who "helped" Jenny start her own fashion line. In the end she ended up burning of all J's clothes and drugging her. Two thumbs down.

    48. Poppy Lifton

    Involved in a con scheme with her boyfriend. She would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for that meddling Georgina Sparks.

    47. Maureen van der Bilt

    Nicer in her earlier episodes, but becomes the scorned wife of Trip and therefore blackmails Lily to keep Serena away from her husband. A shame that she turns vindictive because you could tell she really loves Trip (and being a congressman's wife).

    46. Carter Baizen

    Overall a pretty unimportant character, but he does help Serena find her dad.

    45. Gabriel Edwards

    Poppy Lifton's shady boyfriend that conned Serena and her family, overall very uninteresting.

    44. Patrick Roberts

    One of K.C.'s clients, remembered mostly for drunkenly peeing in a potted plant and wearing that hideous fedora.

    43. Russell Thorpe

    Tries to take over Bass Industries--and fails after he is convicted of being the murdering his wife twenty years ago. However, points to him for being able to wear a tux so well.

    42. Damien Dalgaard

    Overall Damien was pretty destructive to the Upper East Side. He got Jenny involved in his drug dealing and started the rumors between Serena and Ben. Most of the time everyone just wanted to wipe that smug grin off his face.

    41. K.C. Cunningham

    K.C. was a bitchy celebrity publicist that exploited her clients and Serena. There's really nothing else to remember her by.

    40. Carol Rhodes

    Older estranged sister of Lily van der Woodsen. She hires Ivy to pretend to be her daughter so she can take the trust fund money set up in her daughter's name.

    39. Blair's Minions at NYU


    38. Blair's Minions at Columbia

    37. William van der Bilt

    Grandfather to Nate and Trip, William is not above manipulating those around him to get what he wants. It also should be noted that he is always wearing the EXACT.SAME.EXPRESSION.

    36. Diana Payne

    A cougar to Nate, a frequent wearer of bodycon/wrap dresses, and pretends to be Chuck's mom. Oh, and runs a brothel.

    35. Nelly Yuki

    One of Blair's former minions, who ends up going to Yale over Blair. Becomes a fashion critic set out to get revenge over Blair. Her wide rimmed glasses may possibly be the most annoying thing about her.

    34. Howard 'The Captain' Archibald

    Points to him for having a great nickname, points deducted for being addicted to drugs and being sent to prison for some shady business deals.

    33. Asher Hornsby

    Dates Jenny as a coverup for being gay, while being a secret boyfriend to Eric van der Woodsen. Good with dogs, apparently.

    32. Anne Archibald

    Mother of Nate, yet has a drug using convict husband. I would be drinking too.

    31. Bree Buckley

    Bree Buckley and Nate hit it off on a plane and then found out their families were political rivals. Bree used Nate's friendship with Serena to get to Carter Baizen, but she also had some pretty dresses.

    30. Alison Humphrey

    Mother to Dan and Jenny, her main plot line was trying to get back together with Rufus after she had an affair in season 1.

    29. Blair's Minions at Constance

    Out of all of the sets of minions Blair had the the group of Penelope, Hazel, Isabel, and Kati were by far the best. They had more of a backbone and personality then her other minions by far. And they knew how to use yogurt as a weapon.

    28. Sage Spence

    Daughter of Serena's boyfriend in season 6, Sage sabotages the relationship as well as Blair's fashion show--she did however have amazing style and was the Queen of Constance.

    27. Ben Donovan

    Ben was Serena's previous teacher that got thrown in jail because of Lily van der Woodsen. Him and Serena start a relationship once he is out of prison--but the truth is that they aren't right for each other and this whole storyline was kind of boring.

    26. Charlie 'Lola' Rhodes

    The real daughter of Carol Rhodes, and that is honestly all I remember about her.

    25. Raina Thorpe


    Raina dated both Nate and Chuck, had perfect skin, and was a strong and intelligent character--essentially an angel.

    24. Olivia Burke

    How Dan was unaware that he was dating the famous movie star Olivia Burke continues to baffle me. Her most memorable moment was having an embarrassing to watch threesome with Dan and Vanessa.

    23. Jenny Humphrey

    Ahh Little J, there are such mixed emotions for you. She started out as sweet and an amazing fashion designer, but she turned quite bratty. And no one will ever forget that you slept with Chuck causing him and Blair to break up in season 3. NO ONE.

    22. Steven Spence

    Serena's older boyfriend in season 6, Steven was nice but utterly forgettable. Moving on.

    21. William van der Woodsen

    William is Serena and Eric's absentee father, and uses Ivy to get back into the good graces of his true love Lily.

    20. Roman Garrel

    The partner of Blair's father, Roman was adorable and decorated a perfect Audrey Hepburn room for Blair in their French chateau. Très magnifique!

    19. Colin Forrester

    Colin was Serena's gorgeous neighbor and romantic interest, making it quite awkward when she found out he was going to be her professor. Their love didn't last but his good looks sure did.

    18. Jonathan Whitney

    Jonathan was Eric's first true boyfriend. Jonathan was one of the most normal characters on this show, thus ending it with Eric when he saw how much Eric had changed.

    17. Scott Rosson

    He is the lovechild of Lily and Rufus from when they first dated. Which is interesting because after their wedding, we never heard from him again.

    16. Harold Waldorf

    Did no one else desperately want to bake pies with Blair and her dad at Thanksgiving?

    15. CeCe Rhodes

    CeCe loves causing drama, usually at the expense of her daughter Lily. Always looked like she had just gotten back from a tea party.

    14. Jack Bass

    Chuck's hot scheming uncle caused a lot of despair in earlier seasons. Jack did seem to care somewhat for his nephew and helped Chuck regain Bass Industries. His devilish grin alone is enough to love him, right?

    13. Vanya

    Anyone who ends up with Dorota must be pretty incredible.

    12. Eleanor Waldorf

    Eleanor can be criticized for caring more about herself than her daughter on occasion. However, Eleanor does grow to fully appreciate Blair and understands that Chuck is the one for her daughter. Also, being a successful fashion designer doesn't hurt.

    11. Eric van der Woodsen

    Eric was so sweet and dealt with a lot of bullying from Jenny and her friends. He himself got a little too wrapped up in trying to take down little J. Leave the scheming to Chuck and Blair, kids.

    10. Georgina Sparks

    While a majority of the time Georgina was being malicious, she offered some of the best quotes of the show--and eventually I began to respect her for the slightly crazy woman that she is. Also, it is far too great that she ends up with her counterpart Jack Bass in the series finale.

    9. Dan Humphrey

    While Dan spent a large chunk of his time talking about how much harder it was to be from Brooklyn to the people on the Upper East Side, credit where credit is due. Dan WAS Gossip Girl, and imagining him typing XOXO continues to make me chuckle.

    8. Lily van der Woodsen

    Lily may have had many men in her life and did not have the best parenting skills, but she can rock a chignon bun better than anyone in all of New York.

    7. Rufus Humphrey

    Does Rufus love 'Lincoln Hawk' or waffles more? The world may never know. In all seriousness, Rufus is a great dad and truly devoted to whomever he is dating.

    6. Nate Archibald

    Aww, "Saint" Nate was always such a gentleman. He was always awkwardly stuck in a love triangle and never had any great story lines past season 2, but his kindness and good looks will be remembered.

    5. Cyrus Rose

    Cyrus was Blair's lovable stepfather, and is it bad that I too would like to have Cyrus officiate my wedding?

    4. Serena van der Woodsen

    Much respect to Serena for changing from her party girl ways (for the most part). Serena had wonderful fashion sense (albeit a few too many chest cutouts), and always cared for Blair even when they were enemies. Serena had an infectious personality and dreamed big--earning her a place in the top four.

    3. Chuck Bass

    Chuck Bass was one of the most complex characters on the show. He works to prove his father wrong by building up Bass Industries and loses his playboy characterization by falling in love with Blair. My one hope is that everyone learn to dress as smoothly as Chuck Bass.

    2. Dorota

    There is no one in this world as loyal to Blair as Dorota is. Dorota said some of the most hilarious statements on the show, with my personal favorite being "KGB can’t get me to talk, Chuck Bass has no chance." Dorota will forever be one of the best things about Gossip Girl.

    1. Blair Waldorf

    Are any of you actually surprised that Queen B is number one? There is no doubt Blair can be malevolent towards most people, but when it comes to the people she most cares about she is unconditionally loyal. Blair will always be queen; especially in terms of intelligence, power, fashion, and love.

    All in all, Gossip Girl gave us 6 great seasons of Upper East Side love, drama, fashion, and friendship and for that I am eternally grateful.


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