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17 Stages Of Becoming A Commuter

Live outside the city and save loads of money on rent? It always seems like such a good idea at the start...

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1. So you've decided to commute into the city for work. Maybe to save money.

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2. Maybe because you it's your first job and you haven't sorted your own place yet.

3. But this is great, time on the train to finally read those books you have been meaning to finish.

4. Even time to start writing that novel of your own. / Via Tumblr

5. Then you start running out of time to do things at home in the evenings.

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6. And you're tired. So tired.

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7. You start entertaining yourself any way you can.

8. You don't care what other people think anymore. As long as you're comfortable and getting where you need to go.

9. Everyone is SO SLOW.

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10. You hate everyone on your way to work. On the train, on the bus, in the street.

11. You start wishing awful ends on your fellow commuters.

12. You spend your life running for, and usually missing, trains.

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13. Then winter hits and snow is no longer fun. So cold, so many delays.

14. You realise you're spending more on train tickets than rent could ever possibly cost, surely?

15. The final straw is cutting nights out short so that you can get the last train.

16. And it dawns on you...

17. Renting in the big city it is then!

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