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    15 Ways the Struggle is Real When You’re an Outgoing Introvert

    Social introvert, extroverted introvert...#thestruggleisreal when you're a walking contradiction.

    1. Everyone assumes you’re just a weird extrovert.

    X Files/20th Century Fox / Via

    “Yeah, I'm totally extroverted…except for that part where I need to be alone to recharge, and I prefer to duck out of parties, and sometimes I just go silent.”

    2. Your love/hate relationship with social gatherings nearly tears you in two.

    Clerks/20th Century Fox / Via

    “INVITE ME TO EVERYTHING…until I run out of social and really wish I could be alone.”

    3. You are desperate to meet and connect with as many people as possible…but doing so requires smalltalk.

    Wilfred/FX / Via

    “So…weather? It’s…it’s outside?”

    4. The leech-like clinging you do to your extroverted friends is almost criminal.

    timetravlin13 / Via

    “Invite me to things! Don’t leave my side! Could you talk for me, too? That would be AMAZING.”

    5. The need to relabel your “antisocial” time is overwhelming.

    Bones/Fox / Via

    No. I’m REFUELING. You wouldn’t call going to the gas station “anti-driving time”, would you?

    6. You become a rambling mess when certain topics are brought up because it’s ACTUALLY something you feel comfortable talking about.

    mysterious-wanderings / Via

    “’Nerding out’? I think you mean SOCIALIZING.”

    7. The times when you find it more fulfilling to observe rather than engage, and people get on you for being “so silent”.

    jessicacarpenetti / Via

    “Yeah, because pointing out the fact that I’m not talking will DEFINITELY whip me into a verbal frenzy.”

    8. …or when you’ve run out of social at a party and you just want to sneak away, but you know you have to make your rounds to say good-bye.

    The Office/beeroyalty / Via

    “Oh, don’t mind me. I’m going to awkwardly interrupt your conversation to say good-bye because that’s totally something I love doing, even when I’m full of sociability.”

    9. That, because of your introversion, you actually use your outgoing behavior as a type of shield.

    30 Rock / Via

    “Look! I’m cracking a joke, or doing stupid human tricks! This is a wonderful veneer for the fact that I’m horrifyingly socially inept and I’ll stumble over my words otherwise!”

    10. You don’t mind being the center of attention when you’re entertaining people, but the world might as well end if people are paying attention to you for any other reason.

    currently-building-a-pillow-fort / Via

    “Sure, everyone look my way when someone says that I’m so silent. Yeah, sure, this is great. Totally not my very definition of hell.”

    11. You cannot truly explain what social media means to the social introvert.

    Keeping Up With The Kardashians / The Week Magazine / Via

    “I’m not wasting time online. I’m engaging in the perfect social environment!”

    12. You wish every social gathering centered on an activity that you could retreat back to whenever you ran out of social.

    Fromthemotionpicture / Via

    “Meet at the bar? I think you mean meet at the PAINT BAR.”

    13. It takes a lot to keep you from going full, “down with the establishment!” when it comes to how we handle interacting.

    Paramount Picture / Via

    “Why do we have to follow this dumb script? Why can’t we talk about deep life matters off the bat? Why is everything kept so superficial? DOWN WITH THE STATUS QUO!”

    14. On the one hand, because you straddle the line, you understand both your traditionally introverted and your traditionally extroverted friends. On the other hand, because you straddle the line, you can’t fully relate to either of them at all.

    Bravo / Via

    “Is there an anti-social extrovert who’d like to go out for coffee?”

    15. You forever have an ongoing desire to educate people that “introverted” and “extroverted” is about what gives you energy and what takes energy for you to do. It has nothing to do with how outgoing, or daring, or social you are.

    The Newsroom / Via

    "Y'know I don't fully get it either. But, in some ways, it's the best of both words, and I don't think I would want to have it any other way."

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