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    26 Winter Boots Reviewers Confirm Keep Their Feet Warm In Cold Temperatures

    You'll be one ~step~ ahead of the winter weather when you head outside in these cozy styles.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women’s.

    1. Columbia Ice Maiden boots with almost 25,000 5-star ratings raving about how these are the perfect shoveling shoes. They'll keep your toes toasty warm without overheating as you battle your way to a clear driveway.

    reviewer image of the boots in grey
    reviewer image of the boots in black

    Promising review: "LOVE! LOVE! LOVE these boots! Mother Nature dropped over four feet of snow on us last week. As we dug out, these boots kept my feet and legs warm and toasty but not overly so, as there was proper ventilation to allow air flow. They gripped the snow and ice as though I were walking on regular pavement. I give these my highest recommendation." —The Mama J

    Get them from Amazon for $99.95 (available in sizes 5–12, wide, and in 14 colors). 

    2. A pair of lace-up hiking boots better suited for days when it's cold out but not snowing. Plus, they look really fashionable, so they won't clash with your outfit.

    the lace-up boots in black

    Promising review: "These are comfy and just the right fit. They also keep my feet warm and look cute! Doesn’t get much better than that." —KH

    Get them from Target for $27.99 (originally $39.99; available in sizes 5–12 and in black and brown). 

    3. A waterproof Sorel pair designed with a one-inch platform to add some space insulating space between your feet and the ground. These are completely waterproof, have soles with traction, faux-fur cuffs, and a micro-fleece lining. One reviewer has had a pair for 5+ years, so you know they'll ~stand~ the test of time (and snow). 

    Promising review: "I wore these when I went to visit family in northern Idaho for Thanksgiving. I wore them in the snow, and my feet stayed warm. And I'm from Phoenix, Arizona, and I'm not used to the cold, and my feet get cold easily. They are also incredibly comfortable, and they look great." —GZ Girl

    Get them from Amazon for $116.21 (available in sizes 5–12 and in 10 colors). 

    4. Faux-fur trim waterproof boots that are basically the shoe equivalent of having beauty and brains because not only are they super cute, but they're also temperature rated up to -11 degrees F. Sometimes you can have the best of both worlds.

    model wearing the boots in grey

    Promising review: "I have been on the hunt for a stylish, not too bulky, waterproof snow boot, and I'm glad I found these! I live in Colorado and these have kept my feet warm, which I was shocked about. I could have stayed in the mountains for hours! Highly recommend." —Misalisapisa03

    Get them from Nordstrom for $170 (available in whole sizes 6–11 and in nine colors). 

    5. Chelsea boots great for those in between days when you want to keep your feet warm, but you don't want to pull out your big snow boots. These will be a sturdy pair of shoes you know will always look good on.

    Model wearing the boots in black with a wide elastic section on each side and a slight heel

    Thursday Boot Company suggests ordering a half size up from your normal size (aka your boot size).

    Promising review: "I am in love with my Thursday boots! Wear them all the time, they go well with all outfits, SO comfortable, SO warm (it's very cold here), stylish, cute, so many compliments when I wear these. Will definitely be buying a back-up pair now that I found the boot of my dreams! Thank you!!" —BoyMom

    Get them from Amazon for $160 (available in sizes 5–11 and in eight colors).

    6. Sperry duck boots made with a seam-sealed construction, preventing moisture from seeping into your shoes because that's one of the worst feelings in the world, IMHO.

    reviewer wearing the boots in brown and black
    reviewer image of the boots in brown and black

    Promising review: "I did a lot of research before purchasing. I was looking for a snow boot that could also be used as a rain boot, wasn’t too bulky, and looked good. These boots are exactly what I was looking for. I bought these for a trip to Nebraska where it snowed for several days. These boots kept my always-cold feet warm, and I got so many compliments on them. I am very happy with this purchase!" —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $89.93 (available in sizes 5–12 and in six colors). 

    7. Wedge booties because winter boots don't have to be big and clunky to be practical. These babies are cute and functional!

    model wearing the boots in tan

    I've owned two pairs of Sorel wedge boots for 4+ years now and swear by them completely. Not only are they the most comfortable wedges I've ever owned, but they are great for the winter because they're warm and they have traction. I've worn them in rain, sleet, and snow and never had a problem. I even took them with me on a trip to Paris back in January 2020 and walked 20,000+ steps, and my feet were comfortable the whole time. I highly recommend these and think they are totally worth the price.

    Promising review: "This is a great bootie for fall and winter city living in the NE. I toss these on to go everywhere and always looked polished and composed. Handles rain, slush, snow, ect. without problems and keep my feet dry and warm. I normally wear wide shoes and was nervous about the heel, but after a couple of hours in these boots, they fit like a glove, and I forget about the heel." —PA shoe far

    Get them from Sorel for $210 (available in sizes 5–12 and in three colors). 

    8. A insulated memory foam snow boot you can wear during all your cold-weather activities — from sledding, to making snow angels, to building a snowman.

    reviewer wearing the boots in grey
    reviewer wearing the boots in white

    Promising review: "I love these boots. Wow, these are so comfortable and absolutely warm. I live in Maine, and it is so difficult to find warm snow boots. But these are it!!!! Perfect fit for me, and I have a slightly wide foot. I also have sore feet and usually wear a orthotic, but these are so comfortable I won’t need to. I highly recommend these boots. I will order me another pair in a different color. These are well worth the price and the lining is so soft and warm. Classy boot." —Doorah10

    Get them from Amazon for $49.99 (available in whole sizes 6–11 and in black and white). 

    9. Warm-lined padded boots perfect for anyone who wants a more unique look. They have a soft, fluffy lining and an elastic drawstring around the top to ensure that no snow slips in when you step into a big pile.

    the boots in red

    Promising review: "These are interesting! I like them — they are warm and very cozy! However, they are a lot like Moon Boots where there is no specific shape for left or right foot. This is the part I’m not sure I love. Feels a little clunky sometimes because of that. It’s roomy in the width, which is great so you can wear thick socks." —H&M Customer

    Get them from H&M for $74.99 (available in sizes 6–11). 

    10. Doc Martens combat boots so reliable, you can wear them through rain, sleet, and even snow without compromising your style.

    Promising review: "As a Gen X-er, I pined over these boots in the '90s, but they were out of my price range as a teenager. I bought these after having great success with heeled Docs, and followed reviewers' suggestions to wear thick socks for a few days to break them in. I'm a teacher, on my feet for hours a day, and these boots are comfortable even by day's end. The traction is great in wintry upstate NY, they're warm, and are a badass addition to even the most staid wardrobe. Thanks for exceeding all teenage dreams of Dr. Martens' boots!!!!" —Elizabeth

    Get them from Amazon for $143+ (available in sizes 5–14 and in five colors).

    11. Sperry Moc-Sider nylon booties you can slide on to easily head out the door when your pup is like, "come on, I've got to go outside now." You know when that happens, you can't mess around with any ties or laces.

    model wearing the boots in pink

    Promising review: "These boots are really cute and super comfortable. I do have a wide foot, so I ordered up a size. I do need to pull them on, as my feet do not just slide in. However, they are exactly what I was looking for to keep my feet warm on winter morning walks!" —OhioGirl

    Get them from Sperry for $51.99 (originally $79.95; available in sizes 5–12 and in three colors). 

    12. Momentum snow boots because if you live in a place with cold weather, you know that sometimes it can be ~snow~ joke. These are designed with a grippy traction sole, meaning even black ice won't be a problem for you.

    reviewer wearing the boots in black
    reviewer wearing the boots in purple

    Promising review: "I ordered my first pair of these boots about six years ago and wore them EVERY late autumn through spring day in my State of Vermont! These are perfect for my daily long walks. I walk for at least an hour a day, regardless of below zero temps or nasty weather conditions, and these boots are tops! I like wearing a thin pair of socks with a pair of fleece socks over when it’s below zero, for added insulation and fit. I am a size 9 1/2 but I purchased a 10 so that I can do this sock double up on truly frigid days. I wear these in to and out of work (I work at a school.) I love these for work because they are so easy to switch into very quickly, so I can just pull them on and within seconds I’m out of the classroom and out at recess duty with my students! No lacing needed! I was SO relieved to locate them again for purchase, the exact boot, years later! I look forward to bundling up every Vermont winter and walking nightly under the moonlight through the woods in these boots. I know I am guaranteed, for at least the next 5 years, very comfortable and warm trekking! Thank you! Happy warm feet to you all!" —stassy

    Get them from Amazon for $79.95 (available in sizes 6–11, wide and in 15 colors). 

    13. Cole Haan hiker boots to help you conquer the mountain that is everyday life in the winter when you would rather go back to bed and hide under the covers until it's warm out again.

    the boots in black
    Cole Haan

    Promising review: "I love these boots! Living in snow country, I needed good soles and warm boots. These boots give me both! I ordered a half size up, and they fit perfectly. They are good looking too." —Missy

    Get them from Cole Haan for $129.95 (originally $258; available in sizes 5–11 and in four colors).