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    44 Things To Upgrade Your WFH Space Without Having To Spend All Your Paycheck

    Including a USB-powered cooling pad to help if your laptop sounds like an airplane about to take off when you open exactly two files.

    1. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses to help you reduce eye strain and also sleep better after spending hours staring at not only your computer while you work, but also your phone and even TV screen after you clock out.

    2. A USB-powered cooling pad for anyone whose laptop starts to sounds like a plane is taking off after working for, oh, approximately five minutes. This gadget has three fans in it to keep your computer calm, cool, and collected, so you can get your work done without much of a hassle.

    3. A wall charger with six outlets *and* two USB fast-charging ports to keep all your devices and accessories at 100% and so they won't die in the middle of that team meeting.

    Reviewer pic of the six chargers and two USB chargers with things plugged in to all of them in the lit outlet

    4. An "After Coffee" notepad that has three separate sections to help you take a second in the morning (maybe while you're enjoying your first cup) to split up your to-do list into your top priorities, what can be done later, and what can be done tomorrow. This will help you focus on what needs to get done without getting overwhelmed.

    The note page with a top gold section that says "After Coffee Top Priority", a middle white section that says later, and a bottom pink section that says tomorrow

    5. A charging dock with three slots to keep both your work and personal electronics organized and charging because they're all in the same place now.

    A wood charging station with three different-sized slots to fit electronics, including a phone, iPad, and laptop

    6. Wireless Bluetooth earbuds reviewers confirm are comparable to AirPods but at a fraction of the cost. With stellar noise cancellation, this means you can tune out the construction your neighbors have been doing since 8 a.m. and actually focus on your work...

    The earbuds come in a wireless charging case with up to 30 hours of charge. The earbuds themselves can play for up to six hours on a full charge. You also get different sized silicone tips to make sure these fit your ear perfectly.

    Promising review: "I love these earbuds! The sound quality and noise canceling is super great, especially working from home and tuning out the little ones. I use them all the time during work, working out, riding my mower, or just to give me some alone time with whatever I'm watching. I was so sad when my left earbud suddenly stopped working. No charge, wouldn't turn on, even after resetting. I reached out to the company directly, since I only had them for 10 months, and to my surprise they responded so quickly offering me a new set for free! Customer service is spot on! Totally recommend them!" —Eugenia

    Get it from Amazon $23+ (available in five colors).

    7. A printer stand you can put under your desk and have more room on your desk for activities (i.e., your work).

    A two-tier shelf with a printer on the top shelf and a stack of paper on the bottom shelf under a desk

    8. A Rocketbook smart–reusable notebook that takes your handwritten notes and makes them digital so when your boss asks for a recap of that meeting in your one-on-one, you can send it as an attachment and look super on top of everything.

    Reviewer pic of the notebook open on a desk with notes neatly written on either side and two pens sitting next to it

    9. A rotating timer you can set for a specific amount of time to help with your productivity and also to remind yourself that you need to take a break every once in a while.

    A gif of a BuzzFeeder tipping the white timer
    A BuzzFeeder's photo of the white timer
    Yi Yang / BuzzFeed

    You can set the timer for 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-minute blocks by rotating it to the time you want. Then it will start the countdown. There are also four volume options in case you don't want to disrupt any other people in your home. 

    Promising review: "I love this timer to keep me on task while working from home! For the price, I was honestly impressed with the quality. My only suggestion would be an option for the display to stay backlit. You can press the snooze button on top to light the display for about five seconds, but that’s not super convenient if you have it rotated in timer mode, plus you have to actively press the button rather than just glancing at how much time is left. Honestly, this is a very small quibble that I could fix simply by not working in a dimly lit room, but it’s really the only critique I have. All in all, this is a fun and functional desk accessory!" —Angela Reiber

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in 30- and 60-minute configurations and five colors).

    10. A shortcut keyboard cover here to make it super easy for you to remember all the shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, and more so you don't have to have 50 Post-it Notes with every shortcut cluttering up your space.

    11. A wall-mounted drop-leaf table you can ~pop~ open when you're ready to hit the ground running and get all your work done, and then simply fold it away at the end of the day.

    12. A Wi-Fi extender capable of strengthening your Wi-Fi in all areas of your home so you'll stop cutting out during your video meetings.

    Reviewer holding their phone up to the rectangular-shaped router that's plugged into the wall

    13. A glass dry-erase desktop whiteboard you can write your important reminders and "I CAN'T FORGET" notes on instead of using scraps of paper.

    The dry erase board with the words "Isn't this fabulous?!!!" written out on it

    14. An adjustable foam footrest designed to make sitting at a desk for eight hours more comfortable because it will bring the floor to you, which alleviates pressure in your hips and legs. You'll certainly feel more supported than when you voice a concern in a team meeting and get nothing from your colleagues.

    a model resting the rounded foot rest
    the foot rest flipped over with a model resting their feet on the flat side of the foot rest

    Plus, you can remove the velvet cover for easy cleaning!

    Promising review: "My feet have found heaven! After just over a year of working from home, I've finally decided to invest in some home office upgrades. I was on the fence about a footrest, but the new desk chair I had purchased had a few comfort issues, and I thought this foot rest might help address those. I wasn't wrong! From the first moment my feet landed in the plush comfort of the foam, I haven't wanted to take them off of it. As a fairly active person most of my life (basketball, horseback riding, running, etc.) I haven't been kind to my body. My back, knees, hips, and feet have all paid the price. This footrest has helped alleviate much of the daily pain I deal with, and at a far cheaper price than the ergonomic chair." —Wild-Haired Gurl

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95 (available in four colors and two styles).

    15. A folding wall organizer you can put all your important documents in and then grab them when you need them, instead of searching through that pile that's been sitting on your desk for wayyy too long.

    16. A mug warmer that regulates the temperature of your coffee or tea so you can nurse your drink for hours without sipping an ice-cold beverage.

    Reviewer pic of a mug of coffee on top of the black mug warmer pad

    17. A set of armrest pads to give your wrists a little extra padding (and comfort) while you respond to all those 100 emails you got even though your OOO message was only on for a day.

    Promising review: "I use these pads all the time. I'm sure it's not ergonomically correct for me to rest my wrists on my laptop while I type, but it's hard to kick bad habits...so if you're in the same boat with the same annoyingly sharp edges on your Mac, these puppies are the perfect solution. They significantly extend my comfortable writing window." —Samuel N.

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $13.98 (available in two sizes).

    18. foldable laptop stand so you can turn *any* desk (or kitchen table, vanity, etc.) into a *standing* desk.

    reviewer image of the portable laptop stand
    reviewer image of their laptop on the stand

    It can support 20 times its weight and folds flat for easy storage.

    Promising review: "This is among one of the coolest things I’ve purchased. As with lots of people, I started working from home during the pandemic, and I quickly realized how much I relied on my sit/stand desk. I started using an old shipping box to make a stand-up portion of the desk, and after a few weeks, I realized I wanted something a little better. I had intended on buying an actual sit/stand desk, but I got this instead, and I am so happy! It’s like my shipping box, only cooler, and portable.

    I did have a heck of a time trying to figure out how to set it up. Honestly, it took me hours of trying until it went “POP!” and it magically happened. So I started copying the movements, and eventually, I learned just how it works. Be patient with it and it will eventually work. But if I can do it, so can you." —Maximo

    Get it from Amazon for $27.95.

    19. A reversible waterproof desk mat you can put on your table if you really have no place at all for a desk so you can at least make it feel like you're working from one.

    20. A simple cellphone stand to help keep your device at the ready for that very important call you're expecting.

    Cell phone stand in black with a phone in it on a desk

    21. Or an adhesive under-desk phone holder if having your phone next to you is a little too much of a distraction because all those social media apps are just waiting for you to start scrolling... With this, you phone will be out of sight and out of mind so you can get your work done faster than ever before.

    the shelf installed under a desk with a smartphone inside
    three of the under-desk shelves in gray, white, and black
    Beyond 3D Creeations B3D / Etsy

    Beyond 3D Creeations B3D is a Boston-based small business that specializes in creating useful gadgets that solve small problems in your office and home.

    Promising review: "This is definitely a hit! I installed it horizontal because my desk has a square frame under it that I couldn’t put it on as the instruction, but it still do its job. Now I’m so used to reaching my phone from this holder without looking down at my desk, and my screentime has decreased a lot during day time. I work remotely from home, this really helps in terms of being more efficient so that I can finish my work early and get more me time back at the end of the day. Highly recommend it if you want to be less distracted while working!" —Shelby Cedrone

    Get it from Beyond 3D Creeations B3D on Etsy for $11.88+ (available in six colors and two sizes).

    22. A hand warmer mouse pad for those days when it's just a tad bit chilly in your home and you don't have total control of the heat. Sure, you can put on more layers to keep the rest of you warm, but it's really hard to work while wearing gloves. Your hand will stay toasty inside this mouse pad, and the cute little cat will keep you company throughout the day (and maybe be more affectionate than your actual cat). 

    Promising review: "My wife works from home next to a north-facing window and even without the heating element on, she has been enjoying a warm hand. On extremely cold days, the heating element keeps her hand toasty." —Dan

    Get it from Amazon for $29.98.

    23. UV-free white light therapy lamp designed to mimic the benefits of sunlight to improve your mood and reset your circadian rhythm, which is beneficial if you work off hours or just can't seem to find time to get outside.

    a reviewer photo of the un-lit lamp sitting on a desk
    a reviewer photo of the lit lamp sitting on a desk

    Promising review: "This light is perfect. Can't beat the price. I bought it during the dismal pandemic winter. Since working from home, and with everything going on, my depression took a nose dive. This was an added help during the dark times. I wake up and drink my coffee in front of this light. Love it. I bought one for my daughter since she is homeschooling. It has her helped a lot as well. I probably won't use as much since the sun is starting to come out, but come winter, this light will be my BFF. It has three different brightness options. When I first started using it, I started out at the highest setting. I got headaches. I would recommend starting at the lowest setting for 15 minutes than gradually increase. Oh, I love the timer. 15, 30, 45, or 60. It can also be left on indefinitely. It's not something you stare into, just use it to have next to you." —Ann

    Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

    24. A set of gold cable organizers for organizing all the cords on your desk so you don't have to spend 10 minutes fishing out your computer charging cord that fell behind their desk...again. Plus, this gold style won't stick out like a sore thumb among the other things on your desk.

    A set of two gold finished round cable organizers installed on a desk with a charger wire running through them